Essential House Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning your home is as much a mindfulness exercise as it is an essential part of household care. 

Homecare is about far more than just aesthetics - it’s about protecting your household from allergens, germs, and the buildup of dirt that happens as we move through and live in our homes.

Essential Tools for Cleaning Your Home

Here are Hoover’s top picks of essential tools for cleaning your home:

1 - A Hair-Wrap Resistant Vacuum


Human beings shed hair - it’s a fact of life! However, it isn’t a given of homecare to have to cut and untangle strands of hair from your vacuum floorhead.

That’s why Hoover developed ANTI-TWIST™, making it easier to maintain your vacuum - keeping you cleaning undisturbed for the lifetime of your Hoover vacuum.

This keeps your vacuum running at its best for longer, without the need for tedious maintenance - or worse: the need for a new vacuum altogether… 

2 - A Motorised Upholstery & Pets Brush

Upholstery gets dirty quickly - especially if you live with a pet! A motorised Upholstery & Pets Brush is the perfect tool for keeping rugs and upholstery clean and hair free!

Pet fur gets everywhere - be it on sofas, cushions, rugs, or even in your car! Hoover’s Pet Vacuum Cleaners come with a fully motorised pets brush, which penetrates fabrics deeply to remove even the most stubborn pet hair & shed. 


3 - A Vacuum that Doesn’t Lose Suction

Vacuum cleaners are built to suck - but what really ‘sucks’ is when they don’t suck

It’s always a pain when vacuum cleaners lose their suction - be it due to a loss of power, clogged filter, or leak in airflow.

That’s why a No Loss of Suction vacuum cleaner is such a vital piece of house cleaning equipment. This keeps your vacuum cleaning for longer - without the need for maintenance or replacement.


4 - A HEPA-Fitted Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re an allergy sufferer, a HEPA-Fitted vacuum is a must-have this spring. The filter traps common allergens you Hoover up around your home, preventing them from re-entering the airflow.

Our HEPA-fitted vacuums contain a H13 filter fitted as standard, helping to trap and retain particles like pollen and dust.

This helps you to achieve a deeper, long-lasting clean - without worrying about allergens escaping from the vacuum bin.