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Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are appliances which use steaming hot vapour to hygienically clean the surfaces it comes into contact with. 

Steam cleaners come in different guises - such as mops which are used to clean floors (known as steam mops) or handheld steam cleaners which are used in smaller areas such as ovens and bathrooms.

A multi-purpose steam cleaner, such as the Steam Capsule 2in1, can steam clean your home in a variety of ways as a mop or in handheld mode without taking up any extra storage space from having to buy two types of steam cleaner.

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Essentially, a multi purpose steam cleaner can clean floors and above the floor.

What are the benefits of a multi purpose steam cleaner?

Multi purpose steam cleaners go well beyond cleaning hard floors and freshening up carpets and work very well with your existing Hoover vacuum. It can clean parts of the home many people would have previously cleaned by hand at a much slower pace and with the use of chemicals and detergents. 

Here is a list of what a Hoover multi-use steam cleaner can do;

Carpets and rugs

The glider attachment allows you to freshen up your rugs and carpets and can often leave them brighter and remove built up odours.


The rectangular nozzle cleans large surfaces such as your hard floors. The hot steam removes built up dirt leaving the surface gleaming.

Tile Grout

The triangle nozzle has bristles to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Tile grout or gaps between laminate can be hard to clean without some manual labour but the Hoover steam capsule does the job for you effortlessly. 

Splashbacks/Bathroom Tiles

When using the Steam Capsule as a handheld, the hose and attachments can be used to clean splashbacks in the kitchen as well as the grouting in the tiles. The tough steam makes a quicker job than manually scrubbing with a scourer.


The handheld with hose and attachments can be used to tackle kitchen hobs with ease, no matter how tough the grease and grime has built up. Thanks to the narrow hose it can reach the most awkward of angles where dirt can gather.


The hose and attachments can be used to clean the inner walls of an oven and the metal brushes can be used to clean racks and grills thanks to the power of hot steam. Ovens are notoriously hard to clean but the task will be infinitely easier with a multi purpose domestic steam cleaner.


Your steam cleaner can even tackle windows by using the squeegee for the glass panels. The powerful steam jet can blast away dust, grime and grease leaving them spectacular and clear. It can work both inside and out thanks to the handheld’s portability. 

You could even use it to clean car windows on the outside periodically which can be handy during winter when windows get dirty often.

Mirrors/Shower Screens

The squeegee attachment can be taken to clear up mirrors and shower screens in your home. Saving you time and energy from manually wiping it down with a cloth and chemicals. 

Textiles and clothes

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of a handheld steam cleaner is its ability to freshen up clothes and textiles such as sofas and chairs. The steam from the squeegee and cloth cover can penetrate clothing leaving them feeling and smelling fresh. This is especially useful in conjunction with putting removable seat covers in the washing machine and steam cleaning what can’t be machine washed.

Mattresses and curtains

Mattresses are hard to clean but the power of steam can get deep into the fibres and eliminate dirt, help lift stains and leave it fresh for a great night’s sleep.

For curtains, the squeegee or cloth attachment can be used to give them a quick clean keeping them fresh.

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