Spring Clean Checklist

spring clean checklist

Here at HooverDirect.co.uk we have a range of products to help you to have a great spring clean this year. In this article we’ll be highlighting our entire product range and how they can help you to clean your home spotless.

Vacuum Cleaner

Our range of upright, cordless and cylinder vacuum cleaners can all clean hard floors and carpets throughout the home. Here’s a checklist of what you can do with a Hoover vacuum during your spring clean.


Clean the floors

All our vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning the floors, picking up debris, dust, hairs and other dirt around the home. We have a range of vacuum cleaners which work well on both carpets and hard floors. Standout models are the Upright 300s which are corded uprights, perfect for big sessions, with no loss of suction*. Great for big jobs.

For cordless, we have the HF500 family which have a turbo mode for up to 8 minutes of extra-powerful suction,  as well as an easy button to switch from hard floors to carpets.

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If you’re looking for a cylinder, we have the Power Capsule bagged cylinder which has a large capacity 5l dust bag, Optimum Power which is bagless, great for allergies and uses multi-cyclonic technology to keep filters cleaner for longer and lastly the Telios which is our quietest Hoover, great for early morning or late night cleaning sessions.

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Once vacuumed your hard floors are ready to be steam cleaned (more on this later!). 

The right vacuum for the job

For big sessions we recommended the Upright 300 as it’s corded and lightweight, or a large capacity cylinder vacuum cleaner such as the power capsule. 

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Remove allergens

For those who suffer from allergies or live with people that do, we recommend an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter such as the Upright 300. These HEPA Hoovers will trap allergens in their filters as you clean, stopping them from being re-released into the air.

Clean the furniture

Our modern vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning your furniture such as sofas and even beds. To do this, you can use the nozzle and upholstery tool with an upright such as the 300 or use the HF500s in handheld mode with tools provided. With these tools you can easily clean the cushions and the crevices such as the sides and the back of the cushions and other small gaps.

For homes with pets, opt for a pets version which comes with a pets brush to pick up stubborn hairs.

Clean shelves, ceilings and skirting

Our vacuum cleaners are great for not only cleaning floors but shelves, ceilings and skirting boards as well. For these jobs you can use the nozzle and tools with an upright such as the 300 or use your cordless in handheld mode and attach the relevant tools such as the dusting brush and the crevice tool.


Clean the stairs

We have a wide range of vacuum cleaners which can make light work of your stairs. Our newest Upright 300 has a detachable nozzle which you can use with tools to clean the flat surfaces and the tight edges of the stairs.

For better mobility on the stairs we recommend the H-Power 300, with lightweight technology to make carrying up the stairs much easier.

Clean your car

Cordless vacuums such as the HF500 series can convert into a handheld with up to 40 minutes runtime to clean up your car. The various tools included can make short work of those hard to reach places as well as the upholstery.

Vacuum clean your dog’s bed

If your dog’s bed can’t be machine washed then a vacuum cleaner can pick up loose debris and hairs (with a pet brush) before using a steam cleaner to freshen it up.

Keep allergies in check

HEPA vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice for removing common allergens - such as dust, fine particles, and pollen - from your home.