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Air Purifiers

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Ideal for allergy sufferers. Purify the air of a 20 sq m room in just 10 minutes. The HEPA (H13) filter has a unique treatment to capture and inactivate allergens and pollen.

  • Air Purifier 300
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    Air Purifier 300

    SAVE 15% off a £100 spend. Ends Monday 8am! Enter code: AUG-HEAT 100% Pollen Neutraliser Technology* - Uniquely treated HEPA (H13) filter capture...

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 Need some help comparing the features? See the comparison table below:

Best ForPollen Neutraliser TechnologyPollen Neutraliser Technology
& Diffuser
Pollen Neutraliser Technology,
Diffuser & Humidifier
WiFi & Bluetooth
HEPA Filter System
Multi-sensor System
Pollen Capture & Inactivation
Quiet Sleep Mode
Carbon Monoxide Alert
Diffuser (Aroma & Pro-biotics)-
Carry Handles
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm)314x280x520.5317x280x575317x280x745
Cord Length (m)222

Breathe, sleep and live better with our range of anti allergy Hoover Air purifiers designed to reduce and eliminate up to 99.97% of pollutants and particles such as dust, pet hair, allergenic pollen, bacteria and gases. As well as purifying the air, select models from the H-PURIFIER range use the latest technology to clean objects and surfaces and humidify the air. With the hOn app you can have complete control of the performance and personalised profiles of your new air purifier.

The end result is a home with clean air which can lead to better sleep, fewer allergies and better quality of life and life expectancy.

Benefits of air purifiers

Removes hay fever triggers

Hoover Air Purifiers clean the air of allergic rhinitis triggering pollen by capturing it in the triple filter system before releasing purifier air. With all windows closed your H-PURIFIER can clear a 20sqm room in just 10 minutes creating a safe zone for those who suffer with hay fever. By using an air purifier with pollen filters in conjunction with other allergy avoiding techniques such as regular HEPA filter vacuum cleaning, staying indoors wherever possible, changing clothes after being outside and regular showers you can significantly reduce the risk of allergic rhinitis during high pollen season.

In addition, removing pollen in the home can lead to better sleep and another reason why it’s recommend by the British Allergy Foundation.

Eliminates allergens such as pollen

When airborne allergens such as dust, pollen (hay fever), pet dander and hair are inhaled they can trigger the body to release Immunoglobulin E (IgE) which in turn causes the common symptoms of a runny nose, itchiness, swelling and sneezing. This is a natural defence mechanism to prevent the body from inhaling any more allergens, however we all wish the body didn't.

A Hoover air purifier sucks in and traps these microscopic particles into the HEPA filter, before releasing clean air back into the room. Furthermore, Hoover H-PURIFIERS have a specific pollen allergy mode which not only traps the pollen in the filters but deactivates it. The hOn app will alert you when the pollen count is high outside to help you prepare air purifiers in advance.

The Hoover HEPA air purifiers range can be a valuable tool for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory issues such as asthma. It’s recommended by the British Allergy Foundation because of its efficiency at reducing the presence of these airborne allergens. 

In addition to the benefits to you it can also benefit visiting guests, the Hoover HEPA air purifier filtration system can help prepare your home for visitors who may be allergy sufferers themselves, especially if you have pets in the home. 

H-Purifiers are great air purifiers for pollen.

Removes odours

Particles which carry odours such as cigarette chemicals and pet dander will also be captured before pure and neutral smelling air is released back into the room. With the H-PURIFIER 500 and 700 this odour could be replaced with one of our range of luxuriously smelling essential oils. This odour removing feature is great for people who smoke and want to get rid of the smell and the harmful chemicals – particularly if there may be guests visiting.  

Cope with high PM Levels in urban areas

PM stands for particulate matter, a term used to describe a mixture of solid and liquid micro-particles in the air. They are the most harmful contributor to air pollution.

Particle pollution is especially high in urban areas where around 70% of the UK's population live and can cause serious problems for people living in larger and busier cities who may be over exposed over long periods of time. There are two types - PM10 which are around 10 μm (micrometers) and smaller and PM2.5 which are around 2.5 μm and smaller. 

PM10 and 2.5 can be made up of hundreds of different chemicals from a variety sources which can be natural and manmade, examples are road vehicle emissions, cigarette smoke, dust, ash, sea-spray, agriculture, bacteria and pollen.

PM is all around us and can enter the home and stay there, making the air in the home up to 5 times poorer than it is outside.

Hoover air purifiers can improve the quality of air in your home by pulling in the surrounding air, trapping PM up to 0.3 μm into the filter, before spreading the purified air around the home. The Hoover Air Purifier 300 and above models have this feature.

Creates a hygienic and aromatic home

The H-PURIFIER 500 and 700 models have a diffuser function, which enables the device to do more than just purify the air. These blends mix with the purified air for two different benefits. 

H-BIOTICS give users a helping hand by reaching objects and surfaces and inhibits the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, such as salmonella, escherichia coli, staphylococcus and candida albicans. By using H-BIOTICS on a cycle through the hOn app you can periodically help make the home more hygienic. This works best in a room with a lot of traffic such as a hallway, gaming room, nursery and commonly shared surfaces such as kitchens and living rooms.

H- ESSENCE is an essential oils collection with a set of delightful fragrances to give you an aromatic home. H-ESSENCE is made up of hypoallergenic and 100% natural ingredients. The hOn app can be used to set the intensity of the diffuser.


Air which is not too humid or too dry is the best of both worlds, the perfect humidity can be achieved with a humidifier. Exclusive to the H-PURIFIER 700 model is a humidifier which uses multiple sensors along with the hOn smart phone app to find the current humidity level and adapts to give the perfect home environment, or you can use the app to set one of three default settings or personalise your own.

With purified air and perfect humidity, the improved air quality will benefit everyone, especially homes with children and the elderly and those who suffer with allergies and asthma. 

Carbon monoxide detection

Hoover air purifiers all have an always-on carbon monoxide detector which will alert the app if they get to concerning levels. This could be a life-saving feature if your home doesn't have any existing CO alarms. 

The hOn app

With the hOn app you can connect and control your air purifiers remotely. This app gives you a world of functions to get the best out of your new air purifier for improved home air quality. All the main controls are present and in real time such as fan speed settings, humidifier on/off and the diffuser on/off. 

Night mode features which helps reduce the noise whilst continuing to provide clean air all night through the multi stage filtration. This is a great little feature for adult and children's bedrooms by making the device quiet but always on which can improve sleep quality by reducing night time ingestion of particles which reduce the risk of coughs. The H-PURIFIER 700 model includes a humidifier which can further enhance quality of sleep.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the hOn app are the external and internal data gathering. This improves your experience with Hoover air purifiers by giving you real time data to balance the air quality in your home. The app gives you information on PM2.5, PM10 and VOC to give you personal advice on how to improve the air in your home. 

For those who suffer with hay fever you'll be pleased to know that the hOn app and our air purifiers are here to help. The app can monitor the presence of outdoor pollen so that you can change the settings to be prepared. By setting your allergy profile it will adjust to you in terms of speed and the delivery of purifier air.