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Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

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Bagless vacuum cleaners are a modern solution, along with cyclone technology, for collecting dirt and dust picked up during use and easily disposing of it in a clean and efficient way. Bagless vacuum cleaners are light, convenient and some models come with HEPA filters which trap allergens and pollen and filters the air as you clean.

Why should you get a bagless Hoover?

Bagless cleaners have a transparent container giving you a real time view into how much dirt and dust has been picked up and when it needs to be emptied. If you buy a bagless vacuum cleaner, you’ll save money and hassle, knowing that you need never buy replacement bags again. There’s also the environmental benefit of knowing that you won’t be sending used bags to landfill.

We have a wide variety of bagless vacuum cleaners to choose from:

Bagless cordless vacuum cleaners

Our entire range of lightweight and steerable cordless vacuum cleaners are bagless which includes the brand new HF500 Anti Twist, H-Free 300, 300 Pets, 500, 500 twin battery and 700 models. Cordless vacuums offer convenience and versatile cleaning for all floor types.

Bagless upright vacuum cleaners

All of our upright vacuum cleaners are bagless which includes the H-Upright 500, 500 pets, 500 sensor, 500 sensor plus pets, and the brand new lightweight, steerable and no loss of suction Upright 300. Upright vacuum cleaners are reliable, powerful and offer a complete cleaning experience, ideal for homes with multiple floor types.

Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners

Our bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is the new H-POWER 300 Allergy which also uses cyclonic technology. Cylinders are compact with great suction power and bin capacity.

Benefits of bagless vacuum cleaners

Lighter during use

Bagless cleaners have a detachable bin which can be emptied directly into your general waste with a convenient button and can be emptied at any point.

The bin capacity varies between our bagless models, cordless models can hold between 0.45-0.70L, uprights hold 1.5l which includes the new Upright 300 and the Optimum Power cylinder vacuum cleaner 1.8L.

Cyclonic technology

Bagless vacuum cleaners typically use cyclonic technology to separate the dust inside the chamber, before letting gravity do the rest. Vacuum cleaners with multi-cyclonic technology significantly reduces filters from getting clogged up and extends the life of the filter itself from needing to be cleaned or replaced.

To get the best from your new vacuum cleaner, be sure to empty it when the dust reaches the MAX line indicated, and wash the filters regularly to remove any blockages. When choosing a new vacuum, it’s worth looking out for one that has No Loss of Suction, such as Upright 300, for consistent performance. 

HEPA Filter

All of our Hoover upright and cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners come with a high efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filter which traps up to 99.97% of small particles such as pollen and dust mites ensuring the air released back into the room is cleaner. Bagless HEPA vacuum cleaners are great for people who suffer from asthma and allergies and work well with air purifiers.

Easy to empty

Bagless vacuum cleaners are easy to empty as the bin can be detached quickly from the main cleaner unit and emptied straight into your household waste. A bagless vacuum can be smaller, lighter and easier to empty than a bagged version, which is a great benefit for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

We hope you have been able to find what you were looking for, if not why not check out our vacuum cleaner special offers page.