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Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns

H-FREE 700 Cordless + FREE Handheld

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H-FREE 700 Cordless

  • Hygienic Emptying - Hoover HSpin-Core technology makes the separation unit spin at high speed, pushing debris into the bottom of the bin; so you can dispose of the dust quickly and hygienically.

  • Converts Instantly to Handheld - H-Free 700 can be converted into a handheld for cleaning inside your car, for upholstery, or for high reach cleaning

  • Different Modes for Full Control Cleaning - Use the trigger for quick cleaning or pull back the continuous lever for longer sessions; the rotating brush bar can be switched on or off to suit different floor types.

  • Up to 35 Minutes Runtime - The four-stage LED battery status indicator lets you know how much charge is left, so that you never run out of power unexpectedly before finishing your cleaning.

FREE Product: Handheld RRP £119.99

  • Ultra Lightweight 640 grams - H-HANDY makes quick and easy work of any unexpected cleaning needs in your home or car.

  • 3in1 Tool - Combines a crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas, a dusting brush for shelves and surfaces, and a furniture nozzle for textiles, e.g. cushions.

  • Up To 12 Minutes Runtime - Impressive suction power for up to 12 minutes.



A selection of easy-fit tools are included, all of which can be used either on the handheld, or on the end of the long reach pole. H-Free 700 also has an integrated crevice tool for when you want to switch instantly to above-floor cleaning.


The control panel allows you to easily activate the Turbo boost, or the rotating brush bar without having to bend down. An LED status indicator shows how much charge is left in the battery at any time, so that you don’t run out of power unexpectedly.


This revolutionary technology from Hoover rotates the central unit inside the dust chamber at high speed, pushing debris and dust away from the filter. The result is that emptying the bin is quick and hygienic, with no need to get your hands dirty.


Whilst some other cordless vacuums fade or stop after only a few minutes, H-Free uses high capacity lithium-ion batteries to give you 15 minutes of cleaning on the maximum power settings, or up to 35 minutes when the carpet and turbo modes are switched off.

FREE HANDHELD -  Storage Dock

Included is a dock for storing and charging your H-HANDY, along with the 3in1 tool. Keep it on your kitchen counter or in the living room, ready to grab and use at any moment in the home or car. H-HANDY is quick charging in just 3 hours.


The integrated LED at the front of the handheld lights up hidden areas for improved visibility.

H-FREE 700 Cordless + FREE Handheld

Original price £268.99
Current price £149.00