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Car Hoovers

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Over time, cars and vans get dirty inside just like our homes, but cleaning them can be trickier due to the distance away from a power outlet and the awkward and tight space on the inside. Here at Hoover, we have a range of vacuum cleaning solutions to suit any type of situation to get your car spotless and dirt free!

What kind of car vacuum cleaner is right for you?

We think the most important thing to look at in a car Hoover is how far away the car or van will be from a power outlet, how big the task is and what extra kit you will needs to make getting to difficult spaces easier.

With this in mind we've created a quick guide to help you find the best solution to clean your car.

Distance from the power outlet

If you have a garage or a driveway then a corded vacuum cleaner with a long hose could be the best option. You can take your time without having to worry about running out of battery. There are other benefits of a corded vacuum to clean a car, too, such as a larger capacity, consistent and powerful suction and great attachments. 

The H-Upright 500 Reach can extend by 15m thanks to a 10m long cord and a 4.5 stretcher hose, so we'd recommend taking a look at this.

The Upright 300, which is our newest and lightest Upright, has a total reach of 10.6m (with accessories) and has the added benefit of being ultra lightweight with no loss of suction. With its accessories the upholstery, boot, foot well and surfaces can all be dust and dirt free.

If you're worried corded car vacuums just won't reach then consider a cordless which can convert into a handheld such as the HF500. We recommend the HF500 Pets as it is our most powerful cordless Hoover powered by a modern Lithium battery - perfect for cleaning your car from top to bottom on the go. It has a revamped pets brush if you drive with your pets.

With cordless vacuums you are completely hands free and can enjoy the same suction power in handheld mode with clever car cleaning tools such as crevice tool and dusting brush for a dirt free interior. No need to worry about a power outlet!

Lastly, for quicker jobs close or far from a power outlet we'd recommend the H-Handy handheld cleaner. Weighing just 0.64kg and with a run time of 12 minutes, this handy piece of kit can make short cleaning jobs easy without the need to bring out the bigger vacuums.

How big the car cleaning job is

For particularly dirty jobs or a large car the capacity of the Hoover should be considered. Our bagged and bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners have a generous 2L capacity but the largest capacity of all we have available on Hoover Direct is the Breeze Evo with 3L - which also has a 15m reach like the H-Upright. The cordless with the largest capacity is the H-Free 100 with 0.9L.

Every corded vacuum we have will operate indefinitely from a power outlet so there's no issue there and it comes down to choice of design or factors from the above. For cordless, the H-Free 500 has the best standard run time at 40 minutes (and the most powerful suction) and the H-Free 700 has the longest turbo run time at 15 minutes .

Tools for the job

Cars and vans don't have open and flat floors which can make the Hoover floor head useless, which is why choosing one which features a range of tools is important. The car can still feel dirty without really getting into small spaces, gaps and still be able to clean the seats and upholstery. Our range of uprights and cordless have these tools on board which can be attached to the nozzle - in addition, if you regularly travel with a pet we highly recommend picking up a Hoover with a pets brush to pick up the hairs as well as the dirt and dust.