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Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

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Need some help comparing the features of our Handheld Vacuum Cleaners? Check out our comparison table

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Need some help comparing the features? See the comparison table below:

Max Runtime (mins)1212
Charging Time (hours)33
Bin Capacity (ml)159150
LED Lights

Weight (kg)0.640.64
Upholstery Tool

Dusting Brush

Crevice Tool

Pets Turbo Brush-
Dimensions (cm)H69cm x W41.8cm x D6.6cm
H69cm x W41.8cm x D6.6cm

Why choose a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Our range of handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for quickly cleaning up crumbs, ridding textiles and upholstery of pet hair (pet version) and freshening up a car. 

Using a direct impulse motor, the H-HANDY series separates the dirt with a washable EPA filter and into the easy to empty the bin. With a generous 12 minutes run time and a 3 hour fully-charged time, a handheld Hoover is a convenient tool to have in the home that's always ready when you need it. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here

Benefits of a Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner

Lightweight, Portable & Ergonomic

H-HANDY is an ultra-lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner weighing an incredible 0.64kg. Sleek and stylish, H-HANDY is comfortable to use, with a rubber handle grip, which is non-slip and  easy to use even if you have small hands. Just push the power button once and start cleaning: there’s no need to play around with different settings, or to constantly squeeze a trigger, as you may find with some other brands. This makes H-HANDY an ideal tool for life's small messes of dirt, dust and hair: it’s so light and intuitive to use that everyone can help out with the cleaning, including children, the elderly or those with mobility issues.

Having a cordless handheld vacuum in the home saves time and effort from having to use a larger vacuum cleaner all of the time. You can keep Hoover handheld vacuum cleaners in their dock at all times, so that they are charged and ready to be used one handed at a moment's notice.

Versatile Tools 

The H-HANDY range of handheld and portable vacuums can clean most surfaces without accessories, or can be used with the versatile 3in1 tool which is included with both models. This accessory combines a crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas, a dusting brush for shelves and surfaces, and a furniture nozzle for textiles and upholstery, e.g. cushions. The pets model comes with an additional mini turbo brush for picking up pet hairs before sucking them into the 159ML capacity bin.

Fast Charging

The Li-ion battery fully charges in 3 hours and offers great suction power and cordless convenience. It has a generous run time of 12 minutes which is more than enough for small messes around the home, cleaning carpeted stairs or vacuuming the interior of a car.

Brushless Motor 

The Direct Impulse 120W motor ensures powerful suction, high efficiency and a longer lifespan. Strong enough to clean debris in a car and pick up dog and cat hair with the pet tool.

LED Light

The integrated LED at the front of the handheld lights up hidden areas for improved visibility of dust and debris, similar to our range of cordless Hoovers such as the H-FREE 500.

Convenient Dock

Included with H-HANDY Express and Pets is a dock for storing and charging your handheld vacuum cleaner, along with the 3in1 tool. Keep it on your kitchen counter or in the living room, ready to grab and use at any moment.

Great for Pet Owners

H-HANDY Pets comes with a Flex & Deep Pet Hair Remover tool, an innovative self-adjusting motorised accessory designed to remove pet hairs from soft furnishings. The electrostatic soft velvet roller maximizes pick up performance by 50% if compared to a standard Hoover bristled roller. It's also easy to keep clean, as the roller can be released to remove long or tangled hairs. H-HANDY is lightweight and convenient to clean up small messes around the home. An ideal tool to have in the home and to clean a car for those who travel with their pets on board.