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HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners

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HEPA vacuums go beyond just sucking up dirt and fine dust from floors and surfaces, they can actively remove and trap particles which can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems.

On this page you'll find Hoover uprights and cylinder vacuums which have a HEPA filter.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter which traps ultra-fine particles (up to 0.3 microns) as they are sucked into the vacuum and pass through the filtration unit. The installed HEPA filters then traps them which prevents them from being released through the exhaust. These small particles include dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and even bacteria.

A HEPA vacuum cleaner effectively improves the air quality of the home as it cleans.

What are the benefits of a HEPA filter in your Hoover vacuums?

Reduces allergens in the home - Perhaps the biggest benefit is for people with allergies, people who suffer from allergies or have existing breathing issues such as asthma. Many of the particles which can flare up these issues are trapped by the HEPA filter and effectively removed from the home. They can be most effective during periods of high pollen count and during the winter where air pollution can be highest. 

These allergens stay there until you are emptying the vacuum which can be done safely outside into the bin. View our full range of anti allergy products here.

Improves indoor air quality - HEPA vacuums trap small particles which prevents them from being released back into the air. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum works exceptionally well with air purifiers for complete coverage. This is not just great for allergy sufferers but for everyone. Improved air quality can lead to better sleep and better quality of life.

How do the particles get there?

Dust - Dust is a term for small particles of solid matter. They can get in your home from all kinds of places such as soil - but the most common kind in the home is dead skin cells. It's unavoidable to generate these but if they aren't cleaned they will rest on surfaces and on your floor and carpets. 

Normally, dust is too small to see but as they build up they can become visible. As they're so light they float in the air and travel around easily. Eventually they can settle on floors until they are disturbed. The best HEPA vacuum can pick these up and trap them from being released back out.

Pet dander - Dander is a word to describe skin cells released by pets. They are not visible to the eye and it is these allergens that causes reactions in those susceptible when inhaled. They get released very easily by a pet as they scratch and rub against fabrics. 

Along with one of our best HEPA vacuums we recommend a model with a pets brush to ensure the dander is trapped in the filters and the hair is picked up from floors and carpets.

Pollen - Pollen is a powdery substance which can travel in the air and attach to skin and clothing which becomes a nuisance in spring and summer for allergy and hay fever sufferers. Pollen gets around quite easily and once in the home it can be difficult to get rid of. 

Hoover HEPA Range

Upright vacuum

All of our upright vacuum cleaners have a HEPA-13 filter as standard, these models are corded with plenty of tools and great suction power. They include the brand new lightweight and steerable Upright 300, the versatile and long reaching H-Upright 500 and H-Upright 500 sensor and the H-Lift 700 which can convert into a cylinder for cleaning stairs.

All of these are great for people who suffer from asthma and allergy flare ups but still want an all-round vacuum cleaner.

Cylinder vacuum

If you're looking for a cylinder Hoover with a HEPA filtration system then we have the H-POWER 300 Allergy bagless cylinder model with its cyclonic technology and a sealed antibacterial silver ion chamber. Perfect for picking up pet hair with great suction performance which will also pick up and trap the fine particles from a hard floor or carpet.

Cordless stick vacuum

We do not have a cordless HEPA vacuum cleaner in our current range but the H-Free 500 does have a washable micro filter which can reduce the number of particles from being released into the air. The H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner has great battery life, able to turn into a handheld vacuum and features tools on board as well as an optional pets brush.