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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

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Which Hoovers are the lightest?

Our range of lightweight vacuum cleaners offer an agile cleaning experience paired with our reliable suction technology to help make a cleaning session effortless. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Our lightest cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the H-Free 500, weighing just 2.2kg, or 1.7kg in handheld mode. The H-Free 500 has LED lights on the floorhead to help you find hidden dust and can be converted instantly into a handheld for above floor cleaning. It’s clever design reduces the height to just 69cm in storage mode, small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard. The H-FREE 500 is bagless which means there won't be a heavy bag to empty when it's full. There are four versions available – the standard model, the energy model with extra battery, the pets model which comes with an additional motorised turbo brush to pick up stubborn pet hair and a pets energy model with an extra battery and the motorised pets turbo brush.

The upgraded HF500 Anti Twist weighs 2.5kg but comes with anti tangle technology which radically reduces hair wrapping around the brush, fully chages in just 2.5 hours and has more power.

Upright vacuum cleaners

The lightest of the upright vacuum cleaners is the H-Upright 300. These models come with multi-cyclonic technology a myriad of tools on board, a large capacity bin and a H13 HEPA filter, which is great for allergy sufferers as it traps the dirt, dust and pet hair, stopping it from being released back into the air. It is our lightest, most steerable, no loss of suction upright vacuum cleaner, ever.

Multi-cyclonic technology pushes dust away from the filter for continual performance and no loss of suction*.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners

The H-POWER 300 is the lightest cylinder Hoover you can buy, weighing 4.45kg with the added benefit of being able to keep the central unit on the floor. You use the long hose and floorhead to clean all types of floors including hard floors and carpets without having to hold the weight of the main unit yourself. The H-POWER 300 has a 2L bagless capacity, high performance cleaning and silver ion treatment for a hygienic clean in the allergy model.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

The H-Handy range is the ultra-lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner weighing an incredible 0.64kg. These compact vacuums are light enough to be comfortably held in one hand by both adults and children as well as the elderly making them an ideal tool for life's small messes of dirt, dust and hair as well as a car Hoover.