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Hoovers for Pet Hair

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Vacuum cleaners for pet hair

When it comes to household messes, one of the most stubborn to get rid of is pet hair; especially on carpets and upholstery. Dog and cat hair removal can feel impossible without the right tools. To help, we have a range of vacuum cleaners which come with a turbo brush to agitate fibres and loosen pet hair so that it can be vacuumed away.

Why is pet hair so hard to get rid of?

Pet hair is more likely to be stuck to fabrics which produce static; such as synthetics like woven nylon, polyester, olefin, velvet, corduroy, velour and loose knits as well as natural materials such as cotton and wool. Sofas, carpets and clothes tend to be made out of synthetics and that is usually where the pet fibres can pile up. A pet's coat can be naturally oily which can act as an adhesive.

Hard floors and leather sofas can still have a problem with animal hair as they can collect in corners and grooves as they are moved around from natural foot traffic in the home.

Due to the static and oils, pet hair can feel as if it's really stuck to the fabric - vacuum cleaners can pick up a lot on their own but often it is not enough. With this in mind, certain models in our vacuum cleaner range come with a pets turbo brush which loosens and lifts stubborn pet hair from fabric before the vacuum cleaner sucks it up into the bin, leaving your home clean and hair free.

Which Hoovers come with a pet brush?

Cordless pet hair vacuum

A pet brush accessory is included with the H-FREE 300 Pets, H-FREE 500 Pets, H-FREE 500 Pets Energy and the new HF500 Pets. The motorised turbo brush attaches to the handheld for ease of use. The powered rotating brush has bristles to lift and loosen any cat or dog fur, which then gets sucked into the dust chamber, leaving the surface clean.These lightweight and bagless cordless vacuum cleaners from the H-FREE and HF500 range offer a great level of movement, high power and are suitable for all floors. 

Upright pet hair vacuum cleaners

The H-Upright 300 Pets, H-Upright 500 Reach Pets, H-Upright 500 Sensor Plus Pets and the H-Lift 700 Pets all come with a turbo brush to help with reliable hair removal. The powerful suction generated by the vacuum cleaner makes the brush rotate at high speed, with the bristles getting deep below the surface to remove embedded fur. A Hoover upright vacuum cleaner includes multi-cyclonic technology and an agile floor nozzle to make light work of cleaning- in addition to the brush, our Uprights also contain a H13 HEPA filter to trap allergens and help purify the air in your home. Bagless uprights have the power and tools to leave your home free of dirt and fur free.

Cylinder Hoover for pet hair

All of our current line-up of cylinder vacuum cleaners can help to remove those stubborn dog and cat hairs around the home. The Optimum Power allergy and pets and the new H-POWER 300 Allergy and Pets is bagless and has a H13 HEPA filter which traps allergens as well as a turbo brush for removing pet hair. The Power Capsule bagged cylinder Hoover has a large 5l capacity bag as well as the motorised pets turbo brush. Lastly, the Telios is our ultra quiet cylinder cleaner which is ideal for early morning or late night cleaning when you don't want to disturb anyone. It is perfect for all floor types, including stairs and carpets, and also includes a mini turbo brush for cleaning up pet hair.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

H-Handy 700 Pets comes with the motorised Flex & Deep Pet hair remover to pick up hair along with any dust into the easy to empty bin. Instead of bristles, this tool has an electrostatic velvet roller for up to 50% more pickup. The tool automatically adjusts its angle to suit different surfaces, and is easy to clean thanks to the removable roller.  H-Handy is lightweight and convenient to clean up small messes around the home. It has a run time of up to 12 minutes and takes 3 hours for a full charge. An ideal tool to have in the home and to clean a car for those who travel with their pets on board.

Which is the best pet hair vacuum cleaner?

All of the mentioned Hoovers are capable of vacuuming away animal hair with the pets turbo brush tool, along with dust and dirt. The best one that is most suitable for you depends on your needs and tastes - a cordless vacuum cleaner is agile and powerful without being tethered to a cord. An upright has large capacity and is great for carpets and larger spaces without needing a recharge. A cylinder Hoover is compact, lightweight with a large capacity- ideal for the elderly. Lastly, the H-Handy handheld vacuum is a fantastic tool for smaller jobs such as kitchen crumbs or to be used in the car if you travel with a dog. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners, click here.