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Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns
Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns

Upright 500 Reach + FREE Handheld


H-Upright 500 Reach Upright

  • Extra Long Reach up to 15m - Ideal for stair cleaning.

  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology - Dust separation technology helps the filters stay cleaner for longer.

  • Agile All Floor Cleaning - Ultra manoeuvrable to glide around your home with ease. Switch the brush bar on for carpets and off for hard floors.

  • Allergy Care with H13 HEPA Filter - Traps allergens and helps purify the air in your home, perfect for allergy sufferers.

FREE Product: H-HANDY 700 Express Handheld RRP £119.99

  • Ultra Lightweight 640 grams - H-HANDY makes quick and easy work of any unexpected cleaning needs in your home or car.

  • 3in1 Tool - Combines a crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas, a dusting brush for shelves and surfaces, and a furniture nozzle for textiles, e.g. cushions.

  • Up To 12 Minutes Runtime - Impressive suction power for up to 12 minutes.


H-Upright 500 Reach - Tools Onboard

Convenient tools stored on board including 2 in 1 dusting brush & crevice tool, extension tube and long crevice tool.

H-Upright 500 Reach - Easy Empty

A powerful & agile bagless upright vacuum cleaner with convenient & hygienic one-touch system to empty the 1.5L dust bin out quickly, without getting your hands dirty.

FREE Handheld - Storage Dock

Included is a dock for storing and charging your H-HANDY, along with the 3in1 tool. Keep it on your kitchen counter or in the living room, ready to grab and use at any moment in the home or car. H-HANDY is quick charging in just 3 hours.

FREE Handheld - LED Light

The integrated LED at the front of the handheld lights up hidden areas for improved visibility.

Upright 500 Reach + FREE Handheld