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H-Free 300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Pets

Good all-rounder with dual LED lights & pets brush

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  • Consistently High-Powered - The Brushless Direct Impulse Motor provides constant suction.

  • LED Lights Find Every Speck - Never miss a spot again with LED lights on the floorhead and handheld.

  • Ultra-Agile Design - Can lay flat to the floor or be pivoted 180° to access all areas.

  • Vacuum for Longer - Clean for up to 25 mins in standard mode or up to 40 mins on Auto mode using the 2in1 tools.

  • Tackle Tough Pet Hair - Your dedicated Pet Tool will loosen and lift out stubborn pet hair.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here 

Box Contains: 1 x Multifunctional Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. 1 x Charger Plug. 1 x Wall Mount. 1 x Large 2in1 Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool. 1 x Mini 2in1 Dusting Brush/Crevice Tool. 1 x 22 Volt Battery Pack. 1 x Pets Turbo Brush.


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H-FREE 300 Pets Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

H-Free 300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Pets

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Best For
LED Lights & Bin Size
Bin Size Lightweight Lightweight & runtime
Max Runtime (mins)
25 40 80
Standard Runtime (mins)
25 25 50
Turbo Runtime (mins)
- 8 16
Charging Time (hours)
6 6 6
Bin Capacity (L)
0.9 0.45 0.45
Turbo Boost
Compact Storage
LED Lights
Floor & Handheld
Floor Floor Floor
Weight (kg)
2.4 2.2 2.2
Power (volts)
22 22 22
Wall Mount Included
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Large Dusting Tool
- - -
Upholstery Tool
Pets Mini Turbo Brush
Batteries Included
1 1 2
Dimensions (cm)
H114 x W25 x D23
H112 x W26 x D23.4 H107.9 x W25.2 x D19.5 H107.9 x W25.2 x D19.5

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This model includes a Pets Turbo Brush, a powered pets brush which features motorised rotating bristles to lift cat or dog hairs and allergens from soft furnishings and carpeted stairs.


Not only does this cordless model deliver consistent power output for effective dust and debris pick up on all kinds of floors, it also includes tools to make cleaning tasks easier in handheld mode too. 


  • 2in1 Dusting / Crevice Tool - To help you to reach tight spaces and to clean above floors

  • 2in1 Large Dusting Brush / Upholstery Tool - For cleaning bigger surface areas and textiles.


No need to tire your hands by constantly squeezing a trigger : just push the button once to keep the power on. There is also a POWER CONTROL button which allows you to increase or decrease the power as needed.


Simply connect the plug lead to the vacuum cleaner to charge it. Alternatively, you can remove the battery pack and take it to any power socket for convenient charging. An LED indicator on the battery shows when it's time to recharge or when it's ready to be used.

Model Number
Blue, Black & Silver
H114cm x W25cm x D23cm
Bin Capacity
Run Time
40 Minutes
Charge Time
5 Hours
Battery Type
Power22 Volts
1 Year


  • Does this vacuum cleaner come with a warranty?

    This vacuum cleaner comes with a 1 year warranty. Click here to register your appliance.

  • How can I store my H-FREE 300?

    The H-FREE 300 can be temporarily parked in vertical position on hard floors, thanks to the Hoover Quick Park&Go system. When you've finished cleaning, just store your H-FREE 300 on the wall mount supplied.

  • How do I charge my H-FREE 300?

    The H-FREE 300 gives you the choice to remove the battery pack and charge it separately, so that you can use whichever power socket is most convenient. It can also be plugged in whilst on the wall mount. An LED indicator shows when it's time to recharge or when it's ready to be used.

  • Where can I buy a spare battery for my H-FREE 300?

    Spare batteries for this vacuum cleaner are available here

  • What different models are available in the H-FREE 300 range?

    The H-FREE 300 range has 2 models:

    H-FREE 300 Home - The standard model with 1 battery pack. Shop Now

    H-FREE 300 Pets - This model. The pets model with 1 battery pack and an additional motorised mini turbo brush for cleaning up pet hair.

  • How heavy is this vacuum cleaner?

    The H-FREE 300 Pets weighs just 2.5kg, making it extemely lightweight

  • How do you empty the dust container?

    1. Press the handheld release button and remove the tube.

    2. Press the dust cup flap release button to release the dust cup flap and empty the contents.

    3. Close the dust cup flap, you will hear a click when fully locked.

    NOTE: It is recommended to empty the dust cup after each use or when dust is up to the max fill lines.

  • Can this vacuum cleaner stand on its own?

    If necessary, the H-FREE 300 Pets can temporarily stand in vertical position in order to let you manage quick tasks comfortably. When the cleaner is in use and attended, you can temporarily park it in vertical position on hard floors. However, if the vacuum is left unattended, it must be stored on its wall mount.

  • Where can I find the user manual?

    View User Manual Here

H-Free 300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Pets

Original price £169.00
Current price £119.00