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Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns

Vacuum Cleaners

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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Range

Every home needs a vacuum cleaner to clean floors quickly and easily, but with so many different kinds out there it can be difficult to know where to start. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here.

At Hoover we have a wide range of different vacuum cleaners to suit every need and floor type. A number of our vacuum cleaners include a specialised tool for picking up pet hair.

Why choose cordless vacuum cleaners?

A cordless vacuum can offer performance comparable to a corded upright, with improved agility. Powerful rechargeable batteries provide a runtime of up to 80 minutes with no annoying cables getting in the way or restricting you. Compact and lightweight, along with being reliable and high performing, cordless vacuums are a great choice for a quick clean. Our new HF500 range has a H-Lab brushless motor, giving consistent power output with outstanding suction, enabling incredible pick up on fine dust and larger debris.

In addition, HF500 features an anti twist floorhead which radically reduces hair wrapping around the brush, along with an easy maintenance top to remove the brushbard for a thorough clean.  


  • Comparable suction to a corded vacuum
  • Space saving
  • Cordless
  • Great for hard floors and carpets
  • Can be used in handheld mode as a car vacuum cleaner
  • Anti hair wrap technology (HF500)

Why choose upright vacuum cleaners?

Upright vacuum cleaners have a constant source of power and don't need to recharge. They've also got larger bins to hold the dirt, hair and dust so you can clean for longer before you need to empty it. Our upright vacuums have a H13 HEPA filter which trap allergens, stopping them from being released back into the air, glide around the home with their agile construction and offer reliable suction power.


  • Excellent value for money
  • No need to recharge a battery
  • H13 HEPA filter traps allergens
  • Bagless with a large bin
  • Plenty of tools on board
  • No loss of suction - New H Upright 300

Why choose a handheld vacuum cleaner?

Handheld Hoovers are portable and perfect for the small cleaning jobs around the house. Using a direct impulse motor, the H-Handy series separates the dirt making it easy to empty the bin. With a generous 12 minute run time and a 3 hour fully-charged time, a handheld hoover is a convenient tool to have in the home that's always ready when you need it.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Short charge time and generous run time
  • Excellent suction power

Why choose a cylinder vacuum cleaner?

Cylinder vacuums are corded, usually lighter than upright vacuums and more compact so they take up less storage space. Ideal for smaller homes or those with more hard floors to clean. Cylinders are lightweight and separate from the nozzle, which makes it easier to move around the house. A larger bag means you can clean for longer without interruption, although we do also offer a bagless cylinder in the new H-POWER 300 Allergy. Do you need to mention this too? Lastly, our Telios ultra quiet Hoover produces just 64dB of noise, ideal for when you need to be quiet as you clean. 


  • Lightweight body
  • Large capacity bag (one model is bagless)
  • Long hose
  • Value for money

Why choose Hoover?

At Hoover we have more than 100 years of experience and carry out continuous research into the latest technologies to produce high performing and trustworthy products, helping people to take care of their homes.

Buy from Hoover Direct and take advantage of our price match promise, we won’t be beaten on price or we’ll refund the difference.  We also offer FREE next day delivery when you order before 2pm (Mon-Fri), a 1 year warranty on all appliances and free returns. 

Which is the quietest Hoover?

The Telios Extra is the quietest vacuum cleaner in our range. It produces 64dBA of noise which is the equivalent of a normal conversation or an air conditioner. Standard vacuum cleaners are in the range of 70-75dBA. As dBA is a logarithmic scale the difference could be up to 50% less noise.There are not silent vacuum cleaners so this is the next best thing.