Festival uprgrade promotion get a pet model for the same price as a home model. Selected vacuum cleaners only. Ends 12pm 11th December

Selected Vacuums

Get ready for the festive season with Hoover. Free pet upgrade on selected models.


Anti-Twist™ Technology

Preventing Hair Tangling

An integrated comb prevents hair from wrapping around the brushbar. Specially developed bristles and velvet brushbar clean deeply on all floors and the robust comb actively untangles hairs and pet hairs while cleaning.
HEPA/Allergy Care

Washable HEPA Filter

HEPA vacuums go beyond just sucking up dirt and fine dust from floors and surfaces, they can actively remove and trap particles which can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems.
Pets Brush

Ideal For Pet Owners

Our mini turbo brush helps remove stubborn pet hairs from cushions, sofas and carpets. The rotating bristles penetrate deeply into the fabric to loosen the fur and vacuum it into the dust collection chamber.
Push & Lift

Portable Versatility

Step on the foot pedal to PUSH & LIFT the Upright vacuum cleaner into a versatile & portable vacuum for all your above floor cleaning needs, such as stairs, sofas & cleaning the car. (HL5 only)