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Air Purifier 300

HEPA (H13) filter captures and inactivates pollen

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  • 100% Pollen Neutraliser Technology* - Uniquely treated HEPA (H13) filter captures and neutralises pollens.

  • Purify your room's air in 10 minutes**
  • H-TRIFILTER Triple Layer Filtration - Removes 99.9% of allergens, fumes, cooking smells and cigarette smoke.

  • British Allergy Foundation Recommended - *efficient at reducing small particulates which may include allergens, bacteria and viruses.

  • Monitor in Real Time - Use the hOn app to monitor air quality. The Pollen Allergy Mode adapts performance to your personal allergy profile.

  • CO Alert - The hOn App will alert you in the case of a heating or gas system malfunction in your home.†

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here 

Box Contains: 1 x Hoover AIR PURIFIER 300. 1 x Filter (in the unit). 

*Tested by Bari University.

**Considering an average UK living room of 20m2 (with a height of 2.4m), based on LABC UK data and a CADR of 330.

† H-Purifier must be plugged in to electricity supply for the CO monitoring and alerts to operate. H-Purifier cannot be hardwired to fixed wiring or mounted on ceilings or walls and cannot be used as a substitute for a BS EN 50291 approved CO monitor.


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Air Purifier 300

Air Purifier 300

Air Purifier 500 with Diffuser
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Pollen Neutraliser Technology
Pollen Neutraliser Technology & Diffuser
WiFi & Bluetooth
HEPA Filter System
Multi-sensor System
Pollen Capture & Inactivation
Quiet Sleep Mode
Carbon Monoxide Alert
Diffuser (Aroma & Pro-biotics)
Carry Handles
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
H52.05 x W28 x D31.4
Cord Length (m)

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Featuring real time multi sensor, automatic air quality monitoring and H-Trifilter protection. Purified air is spread continuously and evenly in every direction thanks to H-PURIFIER's round shape and it's 360° Air Flow system, to guarantee a fast and efficient air purification.


The Multi Sensor system of this air purifier is made of a set of intelligent sensors that continuously detect and monitor the quality of the indoor air. Dedicated sensors continously analyse the air quality in terms of PM 2.5, PM 10 and Gas (VOC). The accuracy of the laser Multi Sensor system guarantees high efficiency without any need for maintenance.


The H-TRIFILTER filtration system in this air purifier combines three different filter layers in one, capturing and removing microparticles sized up to 0.1 microns in the air of your home. The Outer Layer traps the largest particles (pet hair and dust). The HEPA 13 filter traps microparticles like PM 10 and PM 2.5 (including fine dust, pollens, bacteria) removing up to 99.97% of allergens up to 0.3 micron and has a unique treatment to capture and quickly neutralise pollen, making it harmless for allergy sufferers. The Active Carbon layer traps and absorbs gaseous pollutants (VOC, NO2), fumes, cigarette smoke & odors.


Connect your Air Purifier 300 to the hOn App to enhance your air purification experience. Through the app you will have access to a world of functions: control remotely all the puryfing modes and settings, schedule the programs and get notifications. The app will also give you continual information about the internal and external air quality data and pollen levels, also providing statistics and forecasts.


Air Purifier 300 is extremely quiet in Sleep Mode, with efficient and continuous air cleaning while you sleep, reaching up to 10 air refreshment cycles in one night.*

*Considering 7 hours sleep and an average UK bedroom size of 15mq (with an height of 2.4m), according to LABC UK data.

Model NumberHHP30C 001
ColourWhite & Silver
DimensionsH 52.05cm x W 28cm x D 31.4cm
CADR (particle) m3/h
Effective Room Size (m2)
Noise dBA (Sleep/Max)


1 Year


  • Does this air purifier come with a warranty?

    This air purifier comes with a 1 year warranty. Click here to register your appliance.

  • What different models are available in the H-PURIFIER range?

    The Air Purifier range has 3 models:

    AIR PURIFIER 300 - This model. The standard model.

    AIR PURIFIER 500 - The model with a diffuser to release fragrances, or probiotics that help to sanitise surfaces.Shop Now

    AIR PURIFIER 700 - The model with a diffuser to release fragrances, or probiotics that help to sanitise surfaces and a humidifier which diffuses a light mist that will improve the air quality. Shop Now

  • Is this air purifier good for hay fever and allergy sufferers?

    This air purifier is ideal for hayfever and allergy relief as the HEPA (H13) filter not only removes 99.97% of airborne indoor allergens and pollen up to 0.3 microns, but also neutralises pollen to create a safer and healthier home environment.

  • Does this air purifier blow cool air?

    Air purifiers blow out air which can carry heat away and make smaller rooms feel cooler, more so when it is on MAX mode. However, air purifiers are not designed to cool the air.

  • How do you clean the filter?

    Your Air Purifier 300 will monitor the condition of your filter. A CLEAN FILTER OR REPLACE FILTER alert will appear on the left side of the display and flash indicating action is required to clean or change the filter. To clean the filter of accumulated dust, follows these steps:

    1. Remove the Air Inlet Cover from your product.

    2. Unlock the Filter release switch.

    3. Remove the filter from your product.

    4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the external mesh on the Filter Assembly OR Replace with a NEW filter.

    5. Re-Fit the Filter assembly into the product.

    6. Lock the filter release switch.

    7. Refit the Air Inlet Cover to your product.

    8. Plug in your appliance to the power supply and switch on.

    9. Press the INFORMATION button and follow the instructions to reset the Filter Clean function by holding the button for 3 secs, an audible alert will be heard to indicate a successful reset.

  • Where can I buy a replacement filter?

    A replacement filter can be purchased at the following link: Click Here

  • Where can I find the user manual?

    View User Manual Here

Air Purifier 300

Original price £349.00
Current price £129.00