5 Spring Cleaning Must-Haves

As spring approaches, households around the country are preparing for the annual big Spring Clean. 

While it may seem like a tedious endeavour, Spring Cleaning is an important part of keeping your home clean - especially as allergy season approaches.

Here we walk through our top 5 Spring Cleaning must-haves, including tools, accessories, and features for your vacuum cleaner:

Where did spring cleaning come from?

Spring Cleaning traces its roots back over 3000 years to the Persian New Year - the Iranian Nowruz. Originally known as Khaneh Tekani (literally translating to ‘shaking the house’) it was a popular belief that sweeping and cleaning the home would prevent misfortune in the new year.

Three millennia on, the annual Spring Clean remains a popular fixture in homes worldwide - perhaps in a less superstitious sense, focusing instead on renewing the home in time for summer.

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Must-Haves

Here are our top 5 Spring Cleaning Must-Haves…

1 - A HEPA-Fitted Vacuum

HL5 HEPA Vacuum

If you’re an allergy sufferer, a HEPA-FItted vacuum is a must-have this spring. The filter traps common allergens you Hoover up around your home, preventing them from re-entering the airflow.

Our HEPA-fitted vacuums contain a H13 filter fitted as standard, helping to trap and retain particles like pollen and dust.

This helps you to achieve a deeper, long-lasting clean - without worrying about allergens escaping from the vacuum bin.

Discover our full range of HEPA vacuum cleaners here.

2 - A Hair-Wrap Resistant Floorhead


Sick of hair getting caught in your vacuum floorhead? Hoover’s ANTI-TWIST technology actively prevents hair from wrapping round the brush bar as you clean. 

If you’ve owned an older vacuum cleaner without hair-wrap prevention, you’ll know how much of a tedious task it can be to maintain the brush bar. That’s why we developed ANTI-TWIST™, making it easier to maintain your vacuum - keeping you cleaning undisturbed for the lifetime of your Hoover vacuum.

3 - A Motorised Pet Hair Brush

HL5 Motorised Pets Brush Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that our beloved companions can leave fur EVERYWHERE. 

Don’t let pet hair become a burden this spring. A motorised Pet Hair Brush penetrates surfaces deeper than a standard vacuum floorhead/brush, effortlessly removing even the most stubborn pet hair from your surfaces.

4 - PUSH&LIFT Vacuum Cleaner

HL5 Push and Lift Vacuum Handheld Converting

In days gone by, many households would have a corded, cylinder, or upright vacuum for the larger jobs, and a less powerful handheld vacuum for the quick cleans.

With PUSH&LIFT, there’s no need to have multiple products! Your vacuum easily converts into a handheld device, allowing you to tackle out-of-reach places, or tighter environments like your car interior.

5 - Easy-Empty Vacuum Bin

HL5 easy-empty vacuum bin

Spring cleaning can quickly fill up your vacuum bag/bin. This is because you’re cleaning multiple rooms at once, taking care of any dirt that may have built up in the winter months.

Without an easy-empty vacuum bin, you can find yourself struggling with your vacuum every few minutes during the big spring clean. 

Discover easier maintenance with a bin that releases at the push of a button, allowing you to get more cleaning done without the additional effort. 

A Vacuum with All the Essentials: HL5 Upright Pets

Want a vacuum with all the above features? The HL5 Upright Pets Vacuum is the ultimate cleaning companion - with all the essential features and accessories for that big Spring Clean!

HL5 Pets Vacuum Cleaner