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Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

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Need help comparing products? Click Here to view our cylinder vacuum cleaners comparison table.


Need some help comparing the features? See the comparison table below:

Standard Model

Pets Model

Best ForQuietAllergy
Performance & long reach
Bag/Bin Capacity (L)3.51.8
Cord Length (M)75
Hose Length (M)1.51.5
1.5 + 2.5 stretch hose
Weight (KG)54.5
HEPA Filter-
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Pets Brush
Furniture Nozzle-
Power (Watts)550700
Dimensions (cm)H23.7 x W44.3 x D30H32.3 x W42.4 x D29.2
H32.5 x W56.5 x D32.5

Why choose a cylinder vacuum cleaner?

Cylinder vacuum cleaners offer a classic approach to cleaning floors and furniture with a perfect blend of great suction power, a large capacity and nimble manoeuvrability. Our brand new H-Power 300 and H-Power 300 Allergy offers high performance cleaning all over the home and our ultra-quiet Telios model you can clean the house from top to bottom quietly which is ideal for homes with small children and pets or even a busy office.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners offer a powerful and effective clean whilst being highly portable thanks to a lightweight body and a long hose. Cylinder vacuums are also more compact so they take up less storage space. Our range of Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaners offer a large capacity bag or dust bin, which means fewer trips to the bin in the middle of a cleaning session. Our ultra-quiet Telios Extra Pets model is acoustically engineered with insulation materials, optimised airflow & a special silent nozzle to achieve just 64dBA noise levels - perfect for homes with pets and small children, or offices. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here.

Benefits of a Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaner


Cylinder vacuums offer great agility and ease of handling as the only thing in your hand is the tube, with the main body of the vacuum following you around on wheels. Not having to support the weight of the vacuum  is a huge advantage over cordless and uprights. The main body itself weighs around 5kg which is less than most uprights. This level of agility makes it perfect for the elderly, small spaces, homes and offices as it's not just agile but small and easy to store.

Ultra quiet

Our Telios Extra cylinder vacuum cleaner is ultra-quiet and compact, producing as little as 64dBa of sound - equivalent to the noise of a normal conversation and up to 12 times quieter than other cylinder vacuums. This is perfect for terraced houses, homes with small children, especially babies, and pets who can get anxious around regular vacuums. The Telios is also ideal for vacuuming offices during the workday as it is quiet enough not to disturb.

Variable Power

As a cylinder vacuum is plugged in, it gets a constant power source, which gives it strong and consistent suction. On top of that, our bagged cylinder vacuums also allow users to vary the power depending on the task at hand - use low power for delicate surfaces and hard floors. Turn up the power to max for deep cleaning carpets, or if you need to tackle tough ground-in dirt or stubborn dog, cat and other pet hair. Varying the power also affects the noise so use the lowest setting for when you really need to keep it down.

Tools Included

As is standard with Hoover vacuums, the cylinder range comes with a variety of floor and furniture tools to help clean the entire home or office. You'll get a crevice tool to clean hard to reach places, a dusting brush for cabinets, bookshelves and so on. Selected models also come with an upholstery tool for sofas and soft furnishings and a motorised pets turbo brush which attaches to the head for cleaning up pet hair. All of which make cylinder Hoovers a versatile tool. With up to 7m cord length, 1.5m hose & adjustable telescopic tube, these Hoovers are also more than capable of thoroughly cleaning the interior of a car.