Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

A cylinder – or bagless – vacuum cleaner is a great choice for versatility and manoeuvrability. Our bagless, cylinder vacuum cleaners offer compact main units with flexible vacuum heads for difficult-to-reach areas and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from carpets and upholstery to hardwood and tiles.

Explore bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners with long reach

A cylinder vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular choices for vacuums due to the versatility it offers. This type of vacuum consists of two key components: a compact unit containing the motor and dust bin and a hose and wand attachment. Due to this extended wand design, our handy cylinder vacuums have extra-long reach – ideal for cleaning larger spaces without the need to stop and unplug. You can reach into tricky corners with ease or even clean the stairs without having to move the main unit as you go. If you’re looking for a quiet vacuum, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for you. They’re engineered to have great cleaning results on all surfaces, with a lower noise level than many alternative vacuums.
At Hoover, we’re proud to offer cylinder vacuum cleaners with exceptional cleaning capabilities and modern, efficient designs. We have bagged and bagless cylinder vacuums, depending on your preference, and pet-specific options with handy attachments to loosen and lift out even the most stubborn pet hair. Our cylinder vacuums come with large dust capacities but compact, space-saving designs, so they’re easy to store away from sight when not in use. Our one-touch bag disposal system means you never have to come into contact with dust – simply press the button and empty into the bin. With durability, compact designs, quieter operation and excellent suction power, you can save space and time with a cylinder Hoover.