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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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Need some help comparing the features? See the comparison table below: 

H-FREE 100
Best For
Bin Size
LightweightLightweight & runtime
Reduces hair wrapping
around brush
Standard ModelH-FREE 500H-FREE 500 TWIN BATTERY
Max Runtime (mins)
Standard Runtime (mins)
Turbo Runtime (mins)
Charging Time (hours)
Bin Capacity (L)
Turbo Boost
Compact Storage
LED Lights
Weight (kg)
Power (Volts)
Batteries Included112
Wall Mount Included
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Large Dusting Tool
Upholstery Tool
Pets Mini Turbo Brush
Included with pets
Included with pets
Included with pets
Included with pets
Hair Removing Anti-Twist Floorhead
Dimensions (cm)H112 x W26 x D23.4H107.9 x W25.2 x D19.5H107.9 x W25.2 x D19.5
H108 x W25 x D20

Why choose a Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner?

Our range of cordless vacuum cleaners offer convenience and powerful cleaning which can cater for all floors with a variety of extensions and tools to tackle any vacuuming job. Keep your home spotless without cords getting in the way or the need to buy replacement bags. Easily store your vacuum cleaner away while it recharges when not in use. 

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer a handy solution to clean carpets and hard floors. The compact design makes light work of cleaning up dust and dirt around the home and easily converts to a portable handheld. The included tools can be used for cleaning hard to reach places and pet hair. Our range uses bagless, cyclonic technology to push dust away from the filter for continual performance, and modern rechargeable batteries to offer a fantastic run time without being tethered to a plug socket. 

Being versatile is the name of the game with a cordless Hoover which blends the strengths of uprights, cylinders and handhelds while offering value for money. For our latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here.

Benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners 

Unrestricted Movement and Range 

Our range of cordless stick vacuums allow you to clean around the house unrestricted by a plug socket and the length of the cable whilst still giving you impressive suction power. Look out for models with our smart H-Lab Flat & Drive floor-head or the new anti hair tangle floorhead on the HF500, which can move laterally 180 degrees to clean around tables, sofas and other furniture with ease and recline 90 degrees to clean underneath furniture, making nowhere out of reach. 

Lightweight and compact so there will be no more struggling up and down the stairs. 

Cordless power 

Thanks to extensive research over decades, we have been able to create a highly efficient motor for the H-FREE 500 and the new HF500 range, which can have the equivalent suction power of corded models with turbo boost mode. The motor is powered by one or two (Energy models) 22V Li-Ion battery packs which have a run time of between 40 to 80 minutes on auto mode, 25 to 50 minutes in standard mode or 8-16 minutes on maximum power on a single charge. 

Carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery

The H-FREE and HF500 cordless vacuum cleaner range works on all floor types - carpets, hard surfaces such as laminate and wood, and upholstery such as sofas and car seats. On top of this, these sticks can also be turned into a handheld vacuum to make light work of crevices and the inside of the car. To get tough pet hair from carpets look towards the Pets range which includes a motorised mini pets turbo brush. 

Never miss a spot

Our cordless vacuums come with LED lights embedded into the floorhead to help you find every single speck of dust under the bed and in dark corners. Dusting your home has never been easier when combined with the long reach of the stick and no cord. Throw away those old feather dusters! 

Ergonomic design

Our cordless vacuum cleaner range has ease of use and ergonomics in mind to make housework enjoyable and not a chore. The lightweight frame weighs under 3kg in Stick mode, making it easy on your arms and a doddle for a full house clean. Your hands won't get tired thanks to the comfortable grip and single button push operation. Increase or decrease the suction strength with a single button leaving you to concentrate on cleaning the dirt, dust and hair. 

A tool for every job

Included with every purchase are tools to take care of every job around the house. With a dusting tool, crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool available, whatever the job, the H-FREE and HF500 range can do it. Upgrade to a Pets version for a robust mini turbo brush to help pick up pet hairs and allergens. 

Easy storage

The H-FREE models can be stored away easily even in cupboards or upright against a wall. You'll barely notice it when it's not in use on charge.

Anti Twist Easy Maintenance Floorhead

The new HF500 range includes an easy maintenance anti hair wrapping floorhead which prevents hair wrapping around the roller during cleaning which means significatly less time cleaning and maintaining it.