Tumble Dryers

Make your laundry routine even more efficient with the collection of tumble dryers at Hoover. Our clothes dryers include energy-efficient heat pump A++ rated models in various sizes, from small 8kg tumble dryers up to 11kg, ideal for larger households getting through bigger laundry piles.

Explore heat pump tumble dryers at Hoover

Enjoy freshly washed and dried clothes no matter the weather with the collection of tumble dryers at Hoover. Whether you’re lacking the floor space for air dryers or just want laundry finished as efficiently as possible, our range of clothes dryers speeds up the job to leave you with fresh, soft laundry at the touch of a button. With our range of convenient heat pump tumble dryers, you’ll never need to run into the garden in the pouring rain to bring washing in – it can all be dried in the comfort of your own home.

We have a range of different tumble dryer models and sizes, so you can find the perfect option to suit you. For a sustainable option, we have energy efficient A++ rated tumble dryer machines that will save you money over the lifetime of the product. For smaller households without as much space, our small tumble dryers are ideal. Looking to get through even more laundry in one go? Our larger, 11kg load-size dryer machines are just the thing for you. Our tumble dryers come with various programs to suit your needs, including quick dry, fitness, fresh and auto care, which adapt to the load size for an efficient, effective dry. Our tumble dryers also come with specially designed paddles that gently untangle items for even drying and a quieter cycle. Additional features like Aquavision clear doors allow you to see the waste water level, making it even easier to know when it needs removing and replacing. Browse the complete collection of heat pump clothes dryers at Hoover to find the perfect option for you.