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Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns
Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns

Vacuum Cleaners Sale

Vacuum cleaner Sale

Here you'll find our latest Hoover vacuum cleaner deals and special offers! These deals can be on a limited time only or while stocks last so be sure to pick one up to avoid disappointment. 

All of our vacuum cleaner deals come with one year warranty and free next day delivery when ordered before 2PM Monday to Friday. 

Upright vacuum cleaner sale

An upright vacuum cleaner is great for larger homes as they have a large capacity bin and corded power that doesn't need to recharge. Snap up an upright on a special offer for a reliable Hoover with plenty of tools on board to deep clean the home or office with ease. 

Check out our new H-Upright 300 which is the lightest and most steerable Hoover ever.

Cordless vacuum cleaner sale

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer convenience and agility thanks to a rechargeable battery and lightweight stick design. Get a cordless Hoover on sale for a lightweight vacuum cleaner which blends the strengths of uprights and handhelds in one awesome product. 

Cylinder vacuum cleaner sale

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have great agility, powerful suction and large capacity to make a great all-rounder. Grab yourself a cylinder Hoover deal to get value for money.

Handheld vacuum cleaner sale

Handheld vacuum cleaners are portable, fast charging and fantastic for picking up life's small messes while taking up minimal space in the home. Pick up a deal on a Hoover handheld vacuum for a convenient tool that's always ready when you are.

Pet vacuum cleaner sale

We have vacuums which can pick up pet hair with the use a turbo brush. Pet vacuums are available in the upright, cylinder, cordless, cylinder and handheld range.