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Hoover Spare Parts & Attachments

From replacement parts to handy, additional attachments, explore the full range of Hoover spare parts and accessories to get the most from your vacuum cleaner. Here, you can find replacement bags for our H-ENERGY cylinder range, filter kits, pet attachments and more.
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Explore Hoover vacuum parts and accessories

If you’re looking for spare parts or accessories for your Hoover vacuum cleaner, look no further. Here, you can explore a range of handy, versatile accessories that will keep your Hoover running at its best for longer. We have replacement cylinder bags for your cylinder Hoover, made with microfiber for extra filtering, in sizes to fit our most popular vacuums. If your filter kit needs replacing, we also have you covered with filters for our popular upright vacuums, which will ensure continuous, effective cleaning. Spare and additional batteries are also available, which can help extend the life of your appliance even further.

As well as Hoover spare parts and additional filters, our Hoover accessories range also offers a selection of Hoover attachments, so you can get even more out of your vacuum cleaner. If you have pets and struggle to clean up after them effectively, our mini pet turbo nozzle attachments are just the thing for you! These handy brushes fit onto the end of your wand or nozzle and are perfect for deep cleaning, as they loosen and lift even the most stubborn pet hair. For those with mixed surfaces, you can also explore Hoover attachments with carpet and floor nozzles – simply apply pressure to the pedal to change the position of the bristles, tailoring your clean to hard or soft surfaces. All our genuine Hoover accessories, attachments and spare parts are designed to fit perfectly with your existing Hoover vacuum cleaner, so explore the full range today to get even more from each clean.