Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment Living

Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment Living

Living in a small space? Discover how hoover can make apartment cleaning easier.

Our top-selling vacuums for apartment living

Our best vacuum cleaners for apartment living, designed for maximum performance and easy storage.


Park & Go

Outstanding At Being Upstanding

Our Park&Go system can prove ideal as this clever feature allows you to park the vacuum in the upright position on a hard floor. Our integrated wall mount system makes it easy to store.
Battery Life

Fast, simple charging

With double the suction power of some of its most popular competitors, combined with an impressive battery life of 30 minutes, the HF9 cordless vacuum is the ultimate home cleaning appliance.

Preventing Hair Tangling

An integrated comb prevents hair from wrapping around the brushbar. Specially developed bristles and velvet brushbar clean deeply on all floors and the robust comb actively untangles hairs and pet hairs while cleaning.
Handheld Mode

Portable Power

Giving you the flexibility of a handheld vacuum cleaner but the power of a cordless. Ideal for cleaning the car or getting in those hard to reach places.