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Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Need some help comparing the features? See the comparison table below: 

Best ForLightest, SteerableLong ReachFloor sensorLift outBin Capacity
Weight (kg)4.946.26.27.1kg (Lift-out 4.3kg)5.2
Power (watts)850700700700850
Total Reach (M)10.6 (with accessories)15151115
Cord Length (M)8.1101087
Hose Length (M)
Bin Capacity (L)
Swivel Floor Head-
LED Nozzle Lights----
Adjustable brush bar
HEPA FilterHEPA H13 washableHEPA H13 washableHEPA H13 washableHEPA H13 washable-
Dusting Brush
Crevice Tool
Extension Tube-
Long Crevice Tool-
Pets Mini Turbo BrushIncluded with pets modelIncluded with pets modelIncluded with pets modelIncluded with pets model
Dimensions (cm)H114.7 x W30 x D32
H113.5 x W31 x D31
H113.5 x W31 x D39.4
H113.5 x W31 x D40.3
H109 x W32 x D31

Why choose an upright vacuum cleaner?

Upright vacuum cleaners offer one of the most reliable, powerful and robust cleaning experiences for your entire home or office. 

Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for larger homes as they offer bigger capacities when compared to cordless vacuum cleaners and cylinder vacuums. They are bagless and corded, offering more power with no time limitation, which makes them a great choice for a deep-clean. Uprights are ideal for homes with carpets, thanks to the rotating brushbar which loosens and lifts dirt and debris from beneath the surface, for a thorough clean. 

A Hoover upright vacuum cleaner can be the best choice for those who want a thorough clean around a larger space without the worry that the charge will run out or that a bag needs emptying. An upright effortlessly allows you to take your time over every inch so that no spot is missed, the larger capacity means fewer trips to the bin to empty the dirt, dust and hair and the cord means there's more power to the motor to give you a reliable and constant suction. For out latest deals on vacuum cleaners click here.

A handheld is a great companion to an upright, if you want to vacuum inside your car for example.

Benefits of an upright vacuum cleaner

Multi-cyclonic and air purifying

With the use of multi-cyclonic technology, a HEPA filter and no bag, Hoover uprights can actively remove allergy triggering particles making the air in your home cleaner. The dirt, dust and pet hair is collected and filtered by the H13 HEPA filter, stopping it from being released back into the air. Once the 1.5l bin is full you can simply empty it and resume your cleaning. Our Pets models come with an additional turbo brush which can help lift stubborn pet hair from surfaces.

Long reach

Gone are the days of going from plug to plug to clean the house because of a short cord. Our H-Upright 500 range comes with an extra long 10m power cord and 4.5m stretch hose for a combined length of 15m. This is ideal for stair cleaning and a fantastic choice for those with larger homes, offices or rooms where a thorough clean is needed over a longer period.

The Hoover range of upright vacuums includes lightweight options (6kg or under), with an ergonomic design that makes them easy to take up and down flights of stairs for a top to bottom clean.


Our modern upright vacuums have a flexible and manoeuvrable floor head, which can glide effortlessly around floors. Turn on the brush bar for cleaning carpets, and off on hard floors such as laminate, ceramic or wood, or consider our H-Upright 500 Plus range, which uses a Sensor to automatically adjust to different floor types. The manoeuvrability of our Hoover uprights makes them easier to handle which can reduce fatigue over a long period of use. They can steer around obstacles, and can also tilt backwards to get underneath furniture such as tables and sofas. The HU300 Upright 300 is our more steerable upright Hoover ever.

Constant power and no recharging

Thanks to being plugged in and corded, Hoover upright vacuums have a constant power source which keeps the motor going so long as it’s switched on, which means it can tackle even the messiest of floors without losing suction power or running out of charge, unlike Cordless hoovers such as the HF500. This makes it the obvious choice for people with larger living and working spaces and a fantastic tool for those working in the cleaning industry where long sessions are normal.

Plenty of accessories

Along with the extension tube, our range of bagless vacuums come with a dusting brush and crevice tool for above floor cleaning. The pets models come with an additional turbo brush to pick up pet hair anywhere in the house. These accessories are all stored neatly onboard the vacuum, ready to be used at any moment.