Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

Dust and debris can often get embedded deeply into carpets over time, which can be challenging to remove. Our collection of vacuum cleaners for carpets offers a high-performance solution that reaches deep into the fabric – making your carpets feel brand-new again.

Explore Hoover’s powerful vacuum cleaners for carpets

A high-performance vacuum cleaner is essential when it comes to hoovering up your carpet due to dust and fibres clinging to the shaggy material. That’s why, if you’re looking to keep your carpets mess-free for longer, you should consider our powerful collection of vacuum cleaners for carpets. Specifically built to tackle the layers of dirt and stains that get stuck in your carpets every day, our vacuum cleaners for carpets will help them look and feel fresher.

Pet owners will benefit from choosing carpet vacuum cleaners with ANTI-TWIST technology, which makes cleaning up stubborn patches of hair a breeze. Many of our vacuum cleaners for carpets also come with a HEPA filter that traps allergens and fine dust, which is extremely difficult to do with a regular vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum cleaners for carpets are available in several high-powered designs, including cylinder, upright, and cordless vacuum cleaners. When you choose one of Hoover’s upright vacuum cleaners for carpets, you’re choosing a quality model that gets the job done.