Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaners

Scratching your hard floors when you hoover is a thing of the past with a hard floor vacuum. Made to remove dirt and debris from laminate, lino, hardwood, and more without being too rough, our hard floor vacuum cleaners will leave you with a professional feeling finish.

Get a pristine clean with a hard floor vacuum cleaner.

If you prefer having hard floors over carpet in your home, it’s worth considering having a specific hard floor vacuum cleaner. Designed to give your floors a more hygienic, less damaging clean, a hard floor vacuum is as versatile as it is effective. Our range of hard floor vacuum cleaners is available in several different designs, including cordless, bagless, and cylinder models – making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, a hard floor vacuum will pick up finer dust on the first go – meaning you won’t have to go over your floor multiple times. Many of the Hoover hard floor vacuum models are especially useful for pet owners. This is thanks to the gentle brush mechanism and ANTI-TWIST technology that sweeps up hair and debris without getting tangled. We also offer the option to choose a hard floor vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, which picks up fine dust particles and allergens, preventing you from breathing these in and making any existing allergies worse.