Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

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In this tumble dryer buying guide, we highlight everything you need to know to find the perfect tumble dryer for you. We’ll help you decide if you want a tumble dryer, look at different types of dryers, explore the various features, and get you started on your search.

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Is it worth buying a tumble dryer?

First things first – is buying a tumble dryer worth it?

This question depends totally on your own personal situation, space, and washing habits. If you have a large family or regularly wash large loads of laundry, a tumble dryer helps speed up the process and reduces the need for laundry to be hung up to dry. This is especially useful for those with limited space for indoor drying racks, those without a garden, and those living in locations with bad weather who struggle to dry clothing naturally.

For people who live alone, don’t get through large loads of laundry, or have plenty of room for natural drying, a tumble dryer may be less of a need, but it can still be useful in optimising your laundry routine.

If you live in a particularly small flat or house and don’t have additional space for a dryer, it may be worth exploring washer-dryer combos. These give you all the benefits of a tumble dryer combined with your washing machine, so you can enjoy the perks of drying clothing without taking up any additional room. 

Types of tumble dryer: Which tumble dryer to buy

When it comes to which type of tumble dryer to buy, there are three main types to consider. Each has its own set of advantages and may be suitable depending on your lifestyle and living space. It’s important to ensure the tumble dryer model you choose will be compatible with your home.

The main types of tumble dryer are:

  • Vented tumble dryers: A vented tumble dryer uses a hose to expel warm, damp air. This air needs to be vented to outside, through a vent in the wall or a window. This type of tumble dryer is typically cheaper upfront than other models – however, having the right ventilation is vital. If you don’t currently have a space for ventilation, another type of tumble dryer will be better suited. Due to this, the usage of vented tumble dryers has reduced over recent years in favour of the more convenient heat pump dryers and condenser tumble dryers. Leading us to…
  • Heat pump tumble dryers: Heat pump tumble dryers are often the most energy-efficient models, as they use the latest heat pump technology to recycle the heat used during the drying process. A heat pump dryer runs at a lower temperature than other models, meaning they’re gentler on fabrics and great for delicate items – and they don’t require a vent to run! While the upfront cost may be higher, the energy-saving capabilities of a heat pump tumble dryer can make them more cost-effective when looking at bills in the long term.
  • Condenser tumble dryers: A condenser tumble dryer removes moisture from fabrics during the drying process. This moisture is collected in a reservoir that, depending on your model, you can empty yourself manually or will automatically drain away. Like heat pump dryers, a condenser tumble dryer doesn’t require outside venting, giving you freedom and flexibility with where you place it. For those living in flats or homes without access to outdoor venting, a condenser or heat pump tumble dryer is the best option.

What to look for when choosing a tumble dryer

Before you jump in and buy your new tumble dryer, there are some additional factors that you should consider. To ensure you select the right model for your needs, think about:

1. Tumble dryer energy rating

Like washing machines, tumble dryers come with ratings to show their efficiency. These energy ratings are usually shown on a scale with the letters A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. Appliances with higher energy ratings consume less energy during use, helping reduce environmental impact, as well as your electricity bills.

2. Tumble dryer capacity

You should also consider the capacity of your new tumble dryer to ensure it will suit your laundry needs. Larger capacity dryers can dry more laundry in a single cycle, making them ideal for larger households, bulkier items, or large loads of drying. Small capacities may be suitable for single households, those with less laundry, or those who combine a dryer and air-drying.

Typically, a small capacity tumble dryer is less than 7 kg, a medium capacity tumble dryer is between 7-9 kg, and a large capacity tumble dryer is above 10 kg.

3. Tumble dryer features

Finally, you should consider the features of your potential new tumble dryer. Different models come equipped with different technologies, so explore the options to find one suited to your needs.

Keep an eye out for features such as sensor drying, which automatically stops the machine when the laundry is dry, helping to reduce energy consumption while preventing over-drying. Adjustable settings, delay start timers, anti-allergy functions, digital displays, and anti-crease functions can also add to the convenience and efficiency of laundry day.

Hoover tumble dryers are all connected to the hOn app, which helps make your life easier by updating you when the dryer filter needs cleaning, the water tank needs emptying, and when the machine's last service took place.

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