Can You Hoover Artificial Grass?

Can You Hoover Artificial Grass?

For homeowners, switching to artificial grass is becoming more popular than ever.
Thanks to the fact that it’s both easier to set up and maintain in the long run than an actual lawn may be, it’s gained a reputation for being a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want the fuss of having to deal with real grass in their garden.
However, for first-time owners of a faux lawn, it’s hard to know exactly how you can keep your garden looking perfect all year round.

Although with artificial grass, you won’t need to worry about mowing the lawn anymore, it will still collect dirt and debris outside. Some people have begun hoovering artificial grass – but is it doing your lawn more harm than good?

Can you hoover artificial grass?

It’s generally recommended that you shouldn’t hoover artificial grass as this could cause damage due to your vacuum cleaner being more powerful than you may initially realise.

Your Hoover is typically used on interiors, carpets, and hardwood floors – surfaces that are laid down and secured on top of foundations, meaning there’s little risk of pulling anything up other than dirt or dust.

Artificial grass and astroturf are known for being easy to move and replace, which is great if you’re looking for a versatile alternative to grass that allows you to change your garden whenever you want! However, this does mean that the grass may be too flimsy to vacuum.

What happens if I hoover artificial grass?

If you were to hoover artificial grass in your garden, you may start pulling grass fibres out of the ground, leaving huge, unsightly gaps in your lawn.

Additionally, any grass that isn’t pulled up by the hoover could be ripped or distorted by the power, ruining some of the strands and negatively affecting the look of your stunning faux lawn. The powerful nature of a Hoover, particularly those that are pet-specific with ANTI-TWIST technology, work beautifully when cleaning indoors but may cause damage to your artificial grass, or even to your Hoover itself

What should I do instead of hoovering artificial grass?

Your artificial grass will naturally need far less maintenance than a regular lawn, however there are a few different things you can do to keep it looking ship-shape through all weather and seasons.

Many people opt to use leaf-blowers and brooms when the autumn rolls around and leaves begin to fall. It’s also super straightforward to clean large debris by hand without having to worry about mud or wet grass!

Also, if you’re worried about your four-legged friends soiling the grass, it’s worth looking into creating a specific ‘toilet’ area for them using gravel or litter.

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