How To Clean Laminate Floors

how to clean laminate floors

Laminate flooring is among the most popular choices for homes. It’s relatively cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Modern printing techniques over decades have made the appearance of laminate flooring more and more realistic, as well as improve manufacturing processes leading to tougher products which are very affordable. 

child painting on laminate flooring

Laminate floors are easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors and carpets, and harder to stain, too. However, they still need regular cleaning to keep them looking their best and extending their life.

Day to day cleaning of laminate floors

The best and easiest way to clean laminate floors day to day is with a good vacuum cleaner, a steam mop and some good elbow grease.

Dry dirt and debris do not stick to hard floors such as laminate as readily so a vacuum cleaner in good condition should be able to remove hairs, dirt and dust with ease during regular cleaning.


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Make sure that your floorhead is in good condition and the beater brush/carpet brush has been turned off to ensure it doesn’t scratch the laminate’s surface.

We have a wide range of vacuum cleaners that can clean laminate floors -

Upright Hoover for laminate floors

For homes with large areas with lots of laminate flooring then we recommend the corded Upright 300 which is lightweight and steerable with no loss of suction*. It includes an adjustable brush bar which can be switched off for cleaning hard floors.

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Cordless Hoover for laminate floors

Our recommended cordless model is the HF500. The HF500 is lightweight and offers up to 40 minutes of cordless power to breeze through your laminate. Includes an on/off rotating brush bar which can be switched off to protect your laminate from scratches.

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How to clean ingrained dirt from laminate flooring

Ingrained dirt which has become dry and stuck into the laminate can be tough to get out without damaging the laminate.

First, run the vacuum cleaner over the whole floor, then dampen a microfibre cloth or sponge with warm water and gently rub the stain in a circular motion and wipe away any debris. 

Finally, set the steam mop with microfibre mop pad to a low setting and run it over whatever’s left which should be lifted with ease.

You can repeat the above steps if the dirt is still clinging on.

How to get dirt out of grooves in laminate flooring

Getting dirt out of laminate grooves can be tough and it does require some elbow grease. However, Hoover products can certainly make this task easier.

Run your vacuum over the laminate flooring as usual, before attaching a crevice tool to your hose (uprights, cylinders) or handheld mode of a cordless vacuum cleaner - the crevice tool can focus the suction on a smaller area which can pick up small debris in laminate grooves.

Try to avoid using water in grooves, especially hot water as it can warp the wood particles inside the laminate.

*Based on tests measured according to EN 60312-1 clauses 5.7 and 5.9.