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Anti-Allergy Hoover Products

Allergies are present on surfaces and in the air all year round, not just in the spring and summer. With more and more people spending time indoors you could be trapped with allergens which can reduce your quality of life.

Here you'll find all of our anti-allergy vacuum cleaners to help keep your floors and surfaces clean and dust free. Regular vacuuming is the best way to stay on top of it but these quality vacuums will make the task much easier.

What allergens can vacuum cleaners pick up?

Allergens which have settled on surfaces and floors can be picked up by vacuum cleaners, these allergens include:

  • Dust mites
  • Pet hairs
  • Pet dander (flakes of skin)
  • Pollen
  • Mould
  • Chemical irritants

These particles can be a nightmare for allergy and asthma sufferers as they can be easily inhaled when nearby, and if they are disturbed they can become airborne which makes them harder to capture.

Most vacuum cleaners with decent suction power can pick these up which can then be emptied into the household waste bin. However, without a microfiber filter or better yet a HEPA filter these particles can then just be re-released back into the home. 

This is why we recommend an anti-allergy Hoover- not just for allergy sufferers but for anyone who may regularly get exposed to allergens (allergies can develop at any stage of life), especially pet owners and those who explore the great outdoors often.

How do vacuum cleaners remove allergens?

Vacuum cleaners suck up these small particles along with everything else, but anti-allergy Hoovers have a filter (a HEPA filter) which traps them so that they don't get released back into the air or in the bin. Particles which get filtered will be 0.3 microns or less, so small you can't see. 

Once the HEPA filter traps the allergens they are effectively removed from the house; as they're separated from the bin they won't be released back into the air unintentionally when emptying it.

Secondly, anti allergen pets vacuum cleaners, come with an additional pet brush with bristles to lift cat or dog hairs and allergens from soft furnishings and carpeted stairs. Pet hair is a common allergen which can be hard to remove without a specialist brush. We have included these models here.

Hoover Anti-Allergy Range


The Upright 300500 and 700 have a H13 HEPA filter inside to trap those annoying particles. Each also has a pets model which comes with a turbo brush for cleaning up pet hair. The Upright 300 is our latest upright and is the lightest, steerable upright Hoover vacuum EVER!* with no loss of suction.**


The Optimum Power bagless cylinder and the ultra-quiet Telios bagged cylinder both contain a HEPA filter and a pets brush which make both a perfect vacuum for allergies. 


The H-Free 500 cordless stick vacuum cleaner has a washable microfiber filter which can trap some allergens, but not as much as a HEPA filter. The H-Free 500 pets also includes a motorised mini turbo brush for cleaning up pet hair which can help households with pet allergy sufferers.

Other Anti-Allergy Hoover Products

To help you on your quest to rid the allergens in your home we would also recommend taking a look at our HEPA Air Purifiers which can remove airborne allergens as well as our range of steam mops which can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on hard floors and surfaces.

*Upright 300 combining a net weight of 4.94kg excluding tools and power cord, with an 80 degrees floor head swivel range.

**Based on tests measured according to EN 60312-1 clauses 5.7 and 5.9.