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Vacuum Cleaners For The Elderly

Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly

As we get older our needs change as does our experience of using things we have been using for years. Vacuum cleaners can become more difficult to use if they're too heavy and cleaning may start to become a real burden if they aren't agile. We design all of our products with ease of use and performance in mind. Here we explore some of our vacuum cleaners and how they can be perfect for the elderly population so that cleaning your home can be easier.

Beneficial Features of Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly


Lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly and those with mobility issues are a must, in our opinion. Having a lighter body makes it easy to carry, push and pull and puts less pressure on the back and joints when in use, reducing the risk of injuries.

Furthermore, it can make going up and down stairs much safer if there's less weight dragging you down. 

We have different types of vacuum cleaners each with a lighter option. Our lightest vacuum cleaner is perfect for the elderly - the ultra-lightweight H-FREE 500. Weighing just 2.2kg, this model comes in the standard Home version, a pets version which has a motorised mini turbo brush for picking up pet hair, and a twin battery version to extend cleaning time.

However, not everyone wants a cordless stick vacuum.

If you're after a more traditional upright vacuum cleaner, then our lightest is the brand new Upright 300, our lightest upright vacuum cleaner ever and weighs just under 5kg. This new model boasts not just a lightweight frame but great suction power, fantastic steering with no loss of suction while in use.

Our lightest cylinder vacuum cleaner is the Optimum Power or the Power Capsule which both weigh 4.5kg, the biggest difference is that the Optimum Power is bagless and uses cyclonic technology while the Power Capsule has a large capacity bag.

Lastly, our H-HANDY handheld vacuum cleaners weigh just 640 grams and are perfect for the small jobs around the house and could mean you use the 'main' vacuum cleaner a little less which can be beneficial to older people who may suffer with fatigue, lack of energy or lethargy.


Agility in a vacuum cleaner is important for the elderly as it takes less effort to clean everywhere in the home, places less stress on the joints and reduces the overall time it takes to clean. 

Cleaning corners and under furniture in particular can be a challenge on joints and the lower back.

Having a cleaner head which can turn well means there's a little less going back and forth over already cleaned areas which can tire the upper back. Our H-Lab Flat&Drive floor head can swivel at a 180° and is included with our H-Free 300 and 500 models.

If you're looking for upright vacuum cleaners then the Upright 300 has a 80° steering angle which can glide around floors and furniture with ease, this is our most steerable upright Hoover, ever.

HEPA Filter

A true HEPA filter can capture and trap loose dirt, dust, bacteria and pollution particles, purifying the air as it cleans. These microscopic particles can be particularly harmful to the elderly especially those who suffer from allergies or have existing breathing difficulties such as asthma. Therefore, we would highly recommend investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter on board to ensure that dirt and dust particles don't remain after you've cleaned!

We offer a range of air purifiers if allergens are something you are particularly concerned about.


We think a vacuum cleaner to be used by the elderly should be versatile. Versatility means that is capable of cleaning not just the floors but furniture, upholstery and cars with ease. 

Our cordless range offers the ability to turn the vacuum into a handheld for cleaning above floor, sofas and car interiors quickly and easily. All of our available cordless models come with a crevice, dusting and upholstery tool.

Hoover uprights have a long detachable hose to get to hard to reach places whilst the central unit remains on the floor making it practically weightless. The long hose reduces the need to stretch to reach which could be uncomfortable for older users.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have a central unit which is on the floor with the hose in your hand to help you clean above floor areas of the home, and in your car. Cylinders also come well equipped with a crevice tool, dusting brush and pet hair remover as standard. The Telios Extra has a furniture nozzle in addition.

Lastly, an honourable mention goes to the H-HANDY models which are the ultimate tool for small above floor cleaning jobs. They also come with a 3-in-1 tool for upholstery, dusting and crevices as well as a mini turbo brush for pet hair with the pets model.

So, which vacuum cleaners are the best for the elderly?

Here are our recommended Hoovers for seniors from each category:

Best upright - We recommend the Upright 300, our lightest, steerable upright Hoover vacuum ever*, with the added benefit of having a HEPA filter to clear dust, bacteria and pollen as you clean. The hose and a variety of tools can help deep clean your entire home effortlessly.

Best cordless - We recommend the H-FREE 500 cordless vacuum cleaner for the elderly as it weighs just 2.2kg, is ultra-manoeuvrable and has a Turbo boost mode for when you need extra suction power. It has plenty of tools on board to clean all around the home and converts instantly to handheld mode for smaller jobs.

Best cylinder - The Optimum Power cylinder is our recommended choice for older people as it is lightweight, compact, bagless and uses cyclone technology along with a HEPA filter to purify the air as you clean. The Optimum Power cylinder also sits on the floor to take the pressure off your wrists.

Lightest weight – if weight is the main concern, it’s worth considering the H-HANDY as an additional cleaner to use for small cleaning jobs such as the stairs, as it's extremely lightweight and ideal for those with mobility issues.

*Upright 300 combining a net weight of 4.94 Kg excluding tools and power cord, with an 80 degrees floor head swivel range.