Tumble Dryer Dimensions Guide

Whether you're upgrading an old tumble dryer or installing one for the first time, ensuring you’ve measured your space correctly is crucial.

Installing a dryer in a too small space won’t just look unsightly but can create access issues. You need to ensure you have plenty of space to open the drum and that the machine and pipework can be installed without any complications.

In this guide, we’re breaking down everything you need to know. Read on to learn the standard measurements of a tumble dryer and how to measure your home before purchasing.

What are the dimensions of a tumble dryer?

Similarly to a washing machine, a tumble dryer has standard height and width dimensions. While depth can vary slightly, most tumble dryers are the same size.

A tumble dryer's standard height and width dimensions are H85cm x W60cm. The depth of a tumble dryer can vary if you have a larger or smaller capacity drum, but usually sits between 50-67cm.

For example, an 11 kg capacity tumble dryer at Hoover has H85 x W60 x D61cm dimensions, allowing you to dry more laundry in one cycle. A smaller, 8 kg capacity tumble dryer has dimensions of H85 x W60 x D59cm.

Tumble dryer height:

  • Around 85cm

A standard front-loading tumble dryer is 85cm high. This is the same height as a standard washing machine and allows the appliance to sit comfortably underneath a countertop.

Tumble dryer width:

  • Around 60cm

A standard tumble dryer width is 60cm. Again, this aligns with the standard width of a washing machine.

Tumble dryer depth:

  • Between 50-67cm

The depth of a tumble dryer is the most significant variable. The tumble dryer depth can be 50-67cm, depending on the brand. At Hoover, most of our tumble dryers sit within the same range; the dryer with the smallest depth is 59cm, while the largest is 61cm.

What does 'recess dimensions' mean?

The term' recess dimensions' simply refers to the space, or the recess, in which the appliance will sit. Measurements include the height, width, and depth of the recessed area in which the appliance will be fitted.

Measuring the recess is essential when buying a new appliance to ensure it fits properly within the designated space. 

How to measure dimensions for your tumble dryer

If you're shopping around for a new tumble dryer, measuring the space where it will live is important. This ensures your new appliance fits comfortably and you don't have any issues during delivery or installation.

While most tumble dryers have standard height and width dimensions, the depth can vary slightly, so we'd recommend double-checking the size of your preferred model before measuring to make sure it fits.

You'll need a tape measure to account for:

  • Height: Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling or the lowest point of restriction, taking into account any slanted walls, alcoves or overhead cabinets.
  • Width: Determine the total width of the space where you'll be keeping your tumble dryer, taking into account walls on either side and any cabinets.
  • Depth: Depth can vary on a tumble dryer, so check the depth of your preferred model. Then, measure from the back wall to the front edge of any cabinets or the door. Remember, you'll need a few additional centimetres to account for any pipework.

After measuring the dimensions of your space, remember to account for ventilation, too. For optimal airflow, aim to maintain 5-10cm of clearance at the side and rear of the machine. You should also ensure there’s sufficient door clearance at the front of the machine so you can access the drum easily.

Understanding tumble dryer sizes for delivery

Along with properly measuring the space where your tumble dryer will sit, it’s also important to consider delivery and installation.

If you live in a difficult-to-access area, such as a flat on a high floor, it’s even more important to think about delivery. Consider any hallways, stairs or lifts your new appliance will need to fit through, and measure doorways to ensure the tumble dryer can arrive at your home without any issues.

Once you’ve measured your space, you can purchase your brand-new tumble dryer! For high-quality options that will make laundry day simple, explore the Hoover collection. As well as standard tumble dryers, you can also explore washer-dryer combos, allowing you to wash and dry in one convenient unit.