Who Invented The Hoover?

Who Invented The Hoover?

The first vacuum cleaner in history

The first Hoover was invented in 1908 by James Spangler, who worked with his cousin, Susan Hoover and her husband, William Hoover, to bring them to the market.

A box, a fan, a silk pillowcase and a broomstick - this is how the first vacuum cleaner in history was born.

The idea that transformed these simple elements into one of the most revolutionary technologies of the past century belongs to James Spangler, a night watchman in New Berlin, Ohio, who suffered from asthma and was tired of breathing the dust raised by the upright in the shop he worked in. James patented the invention and dreamt of bringing it into every house in America. He needed someone who believed in his project and with the skills and the resources to execute it.

He decided to send this first, rudimentary vacuum cleaner to his cousin, Susan Hoover - a move that made his fortune. Susan tried using it for a few days at home and became an enthusiastic supporter. She showed it to her husband, William Hoover, the owner of a small business that produced leather items and sold them in his shop in New Berlin. Years among customers had allowed him to become well acquainted with the market. As a far-sighted entrepreneur he immediately sensed the enormous potential of this futuristic “stick”. He bought the patent and started production, establishing the company with the name - The Hoover Company. It was 1908.

Why do people call vacuum cleaners ‘Hoovers'?

While vacuum cleaners are commonplace in most homes today, that hasn't always been the case. The first vacuums were invented in the early 1900s, and they started to make their way into homes around the 1950s.

At this point, The Hoover Company were the main manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. If you owned a vacuum cleaner in the 50s, it was almost always a Hoover-branded model. Because of this, people, particularly those in the UK, began using the word 'Hoover' to refer to any vacuum cleaner, or even as a verb for vacuuming – 'hoovering'.

As a popular, influential brand in vacuums and their ongoing development, the name 'Hoover' stuck. Today, you’ll still hear the word ‘Hoover’ used interchangeably with ‘vacuum’ in many households, signifying the huge influence the brand has had on the vacuum industry – and why it remains so popular today.

Our values

From the day the first vacuum cleaner was invented until today’s products, Hoover’s one priority has always been ensuring people’s wellbeing while offering high-performing and reliable home appliances.


Hoover is the brand for those who choose the same quality at home that they demand for their life. It is for those that believe in a healthy lifestyle, where wellbeing is important for them and their families.


Hoover offers you the latest generation solutions to get perfect results in terms of performance and effectiveness while providing total care for your clothes, your food and your home.


Hoover is a brand you can trust because of the wealth of experience (more than 100 years) and the technological reliability of its products. It is a brand that puts you in control to get perfect results.

Our connected ecosystem

Connectivity to Hoover is not just about being up to date. It means providing real solutions to enhance daily experiences through Hoover appliances. It aims to modernize and improve people’s lives, health and wellbeing thanks to a complete set of unique features that offers effective and reliable solutions for a better quality of life.

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