Hair stuck in your Vacuum? Introducing ANTI-TWIST™ by Hoover

Hair stuck in your Vacuum? Introducing ANTI-TWIST™ by Hoover

Tired of getting hair stuck in your vacuum cleaner? When fibres like hair get wrapped around your vacuum’s floorhead, it can put the product completely out of action until maintenance is carried out.

That’s why Hoover developed ANTI-TWIST™ technology - which actively removes hair from the brush-bar as you clean for minimal maintenance and added longevity.

Here we discuss the benefits of ANTI-TWIST for your vacuum’s day-to-day performance:

How does Hoover’s ANTI-TWIST™ work?

Hoover’s ANTI-TWIST™ technology works by running the vacuum brush through a toothed comb as it rotates, which removes the hair as you clean.

This means hair doesn’t have time to build up on the brush bar, reducing the risk of floorhead jams and reduced performance.

This not only prolongs the life of the brush-bar itself, but also ensures no drop in its performance due to trapped hair - giving you a hassle-free cleaning experience for longer.

How can I remove hair stuck in my vacuum?

If you don’t own a product with ANTI-TWIST™ technology, you might find that hair can build up on the brush-bar pretty quickly.

When this happens, it can lead to a dramatic reduction in the vacuum’s performance, and even cause it to stop working completely! 

Here’s how you can remove trapped hair from your vacuum cleaner if it does not benefit from ANTI-TWIST™:

1 - Open the vacuum floorhead 

The first step is to open the vacuum floorhead to gain access to the brush-bar. Depending on the model of your vacuum, this might be as simple as pushing a button to release the plastic cover, or you may need to use a screwdriver.

This will allow you to see how much hair has become wrapped around the floorhead.

2 - Use a safety cutter to remove the stuck hair - Avoid scissors

A safety cutter is the ideal tool for removing hair stuck in your vacuum floorhead. Avoid using scissors, as these can cause significant damage to the brush-bar, and could make the process dangerous!

Run the safety cutter horizontally along the hair wrapped around your brush bar - this will allow you to remove the bundles by gently rotating the mechanism. 

3 - Assess whether the brush-bar needs replacing

If the hair buildup on your vacuum brush has become excessive, then you may need to replace the brush bar completely.

Locate the appropriate spares for your vacuum cleaner, and follow the manufacturer’s guide to replace the brush-bar.

If hair is building up quickly, you may need to conduct more regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.

Say goodbye to hair-wrapped vacuum cleaners: Shop ANTI-TWIST™

Removing stuck hair from your vacuum can be a tiresome task, and can add minutes if not hours onto your household clean.

Never struggle with hair stuck in your vacuum again - shop our range of ANTI-TWIST™ vacuum cleaners for a stress-free cleaning experience: