How to Create Hoover Lines in your Carpet

How to Create Hoover Lines in your Carpet

Hoover lines - love them or hate them, they’re the latest house cleaning trend sweeping social media.

Here we discuss how you can create perfect Hoover Lines in your carpet:

What are ‘Hoover Lines’?

Hoover lines are just the result of pushing the fibres of your carpet in different directions, creating a pattern when light hits your floor. 

You can either create straight Hoover lines, or lines that overlap in a triangular pattern - the choice is yours!

How to create Hoover lines in your carpet:

Fancy adding Hoover lines to your carpet the next time you vacuum? Here’s how you can do it!

1 - Get the vacuum settings right

Be sure to choose the right vacuum settings for your carpet. Select the appropriate suction power to lift dirt from your carpet while allowing you to push the vacuum smoothly.

Cordless vacuums may be better suited to creating Hoover lines, as power cords on alternative models may trail across your Hoover lines!

You’ll need to be able to push and pull the vacuum slowly and carefully in order to get the Hoover lines just right!

2 - Decide between straight Hoover lines or a triangular pattern

Which pattern would you like to create with your Hoover lines? 

Straight lines run from wall to wall in a parallel fashion - much like the lines you may be used to seeing in your lawn!

Triangular Hoover lines overlap - sort of like a Backgammon board! 

The pattern you choose is completely down to preference - choose whichever you feel best suits your home.

3 - Push your Hoover slowly across the carpet to create the pattern

Now it’s time to create your Hoover lines! Depending on the pattern you choose, you’ll need to push and pull your Hoover in different directions…


For straight Hoover lines

To create straight Hoover lines, position your vacuum floorhead flat against the wall furthest the door. 

First, pull the vacuum towards you until you reach the opposite wall. This will create your first Hoover line. 

Next, line your hoover up immediately parallel to the first line, and push the hoover forward to meet the wall at which you started.

Repeat this process across your carpet, and you’ll have a complete set of straight Hoover lines!

For triangular Hoover lines

To create Triangular Hoover Lines in your carpet, the process will be slightly different.

Create the line as usual, but when you reach the end, you’ll need to push your Hoover diagonally to the beginning point of the next line. This will create the triangular pattern.

You may need to make triangular lines smaller - try taking them to the half-way point in your room before joining up to the next point diagonally.

4 - Stand back and admire your work!

Once you’ve filled your carpet with Hoover lines, it’s time to stand back and admire your work!

While Hoover lines may be a controversial topic amongst housekeeping enthusiasts, a full set is undeniably a sight to behold!

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