The Best Hoovers that Don't Lose Suction

Suction is one of the most important features to look for when you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, though, many vacuums will lose suction as you clean - either due to the amount of dirt in the bag/bin, or due to loss of power with some cordless models.

Here we explore some of our most popular vacuum cleaners with *no loss of suction, allowing you to clean your home without worrying about a drop in power! 


Why has my vacuum cleaner lost suction?

There are a number of reasons why you might experience your vacuum losing suction. These include:

Your bag/bin is too full

As the bag/bin on your vacuum fills up, you may feel performance drop as a result. The easiest way to solve this is to empty your bin, or replace your bag, and check that power returns to normal.

Power supply issues

With some cordless vacuums, suction power may drop as the battery loses charge. This means your vacuum will need to be returned to its charging cord/station.

Your filter needs replacing

Some vacuums contain filters that help to trap fine dust, particles, and allergens in your home. These filters can become clogged, which may lead to a loss of suction in your vacuum cleaner. If you experience this, then the filter will need cleaning or replacing.

Your vacuum hose is jammed

When debris get caught in your vacuum hose, the cleaner itself may lose suction as a result. Check that there are no large objects or dirt buildups in your hose.

The best vacuums that don’t lose suction:

For minimal maintenance, it’s best to look for a vacuum cleaner that tackles these common issues to increase suction power as you clean. Here are our top picks from Hoover:


HL5 Upright Vacuum

The HL5 upright is as powerful as it is versatile, with *no loss of suction across all common household surfaces.

The vacuum is completely bagless, with a large 2.5L onboard capacity - easily enough storage to clean your entire home.

The HL5 comes with PUSH&LIFT technology, meaning it converts instantly into a handheld at the push of a lever.

The floorhead features ANTI-TWIST technology, which automatically removes hair from the brushbar - preventing it from wrapping around the floorhead for minimal maintenance. 

With a washable HEPA H13 filter, the HL5 takes care of allergens in your home - trapping them within the filter to minimise your symptoms.

HF9 Cordless Vacuum 

Twice as powerful as Shark’s best-selling cordless vacuum, the HF9 boasts an efficient power management system, allowing it to clean 120sqm with no loss of suction on a single charge!

The cordless design makes it lightweight and manoeuvrable - allowing you to clean every surface around your home, including challenging areas like stairs and cupboards.

The HF9’s portability also make it the ideal tool for cleaning cars and outbuildings - allowing you to take the vacuum wherever you need without trailing around a power cord.

The impressive 30-minute runtime also includes 12 minutes of turbo boost - for additional power for stubborn surfaces. 

With ANTI-TWIST technology, the HF9 glides over surfaces without the risk of hair wrapping around the brush-bar, making maintenance easy.

Upright 300 Vacuum

Upright 300 Home Vacuum Cleaner

The Upright 300 is our lightest, *no loss of suction upright. Its intuitive design makes it an effective tool for manoeuvring around every room in your home, with 80-degree swivel steering in the floorhead.

The advanced multi-cyclonic technology makes the Upright 300 as powerful as it is versatile - tackling dirt, debris, and dust across all household surfaces.

The 3in1 dusting and crevice tool allows you to tackle challenging surfaces like shelves, sideboards, and stairs - with long reach for additional ease. 

The washable HEPA filter traps allergens, allowing you to clean hassle-free without worrying about the symptoms normally exacerbated by dust and debris.


*Based on tests measured according to EN 60312-1 clauses 5.7 and 5.9.