The Ultimate New House Cleaning Checklist

Moving to a new home is an exciting time in your life – but it can be one of the most stressful! It also requires a ton of cleaning and preparation to get things ready for move-in day.

Even if the previous owners did a solid clean before moving out, most people prefer to start off fresh and clean the home themselves. From cleaning overlooked areas to properly preparing your appliances for the move, there's a lot to cover.

That’s where we come in! We've put together a detailed new house cleaning checklist that you can follow, to help make your move as smooth as possible. Follow these room-by-room tips, and you'll have every nook and cranny sparkling clean in no time! 

Where to start: Pre-move cleaning

Before you even think about the new house, there’s the matter of making sure your old home is left spick and span.

It's best to start deep cleaning about 2-3 weeks before your move-out date. This allows enough time to thoroughly clean every room without you feeling too overwhelmed at the last minute. For a pre-move deep clean, you'll want to give your entire home a thorough clean, including appliances, floors and walls.

How to clean your new home

Not sure where to begin with cleaning your new home, or what areas need extra attention? We’ve got you covered.

Deep clean your new kitchen

The kitchen is one of the highest-traffic spots, and one that you’ll want to feel as clean as possible when you move in, so it’s a great room to start with. Here's what to tackle:

  • Appliances

Make sure to clean any kitchen appliances, such as fridge, freezer, oven and dishwasher. Don't just wipe down the exteriors – you'll want to clean the insides too. Run an empty cycle with appliance cleaner through the dishwasher and oven to sanitise. Defrost and wipe down the full interior of the fridge and freezer.

For more guidance, check out our posts on How To Clean A Fridge and How To Clean A Freezer.

  • Cabinets & kitchen drawers

Remove all shelves and drawers to clean the inside of cabinets and cupboards. Use a degreaser on any particularly stubborn areas.

  • Floors

Vacuum any loose dirt or debris, then mop floors with a heavy-duty cleaner to cut through any stuck-on grime, dirt or grease.

  • Sink

Give the sink basin a deep scrub with a kitchen cleaner, cloth and old toothbrush to remove any stains. Clean and polish the taps. 

[H2] Clean your bathroom

Bathrooms also require some heavy-duty cleaning to ensure they’re fully sanitised Focus on:

  • Showers and baths

Apply a bathroom cleaner and/or mould remover to remove any soap scum, hard water stains and mildew buildup. Don't forget to clean the shower door and curtains.

  • Toilets

Use a toilet brush to scrub under the rim and all around the bowl with disinfectant. Wipe down the back, seat and base as well.

  • Countertops

Spray down any counters and wipe out cabinet interiors with an all-purpose cleaner.

  • Floors

Give bathroom floors a good mop using a floor cleaner to kill any lingering germs and bacteria. 

Polish off the rest of the house

While the kitchen and bathrooms are top priorities after your house move, you'll want to deep clean every room before you fully settle in, including:

  • Floors

Sweep, vacuum and wash all floors throughout the home. Consider renting a specialist carpet cleaner for the ultimate deep clean, if needed.

  • Windows & doors

Clean all windows inside and out with a glass cleaner to remove dirt and streak. Wipe down doors and frames, too.

  • Walls & ceilings

Use a damp cloth or extendable duster to trap dust and cobwebs.

  • Appliances

While kitchen appliances are a priority, don't forget to clean your washing machine, vacuum and other appliances.

How to clean appliances in a new home

Speaking of appliances, here are some tips for properly cleaning some of the most common appliances. Whether you’re moving your own appliances and want to give them a new-house refresh, or there are some appliances in the new home you want to blitz, you should focus on:

Washing machines

If the washing machine was included with the house, run a clean cycle to remove any leftover moisture from the previous owners, then wipe down the interior drum and outer surfaces. Learn more about keeping your washing machine in top condition with our post, How To Clean A Washing Machine.


You should run a hot cycle with dishwasher cleaner before your first load. This will remove any leftover food particles or dirt.

Fridge freezers

Even if the previous owners claimed to have cleaned it out, give the interior of your fridge and freezer a thorough wipe down with food-safe cleaner to prevent odours or mould growth. Now’s a great time to defrost freezers if needed, too.

Vacuum cleaners

With cleaning the old house and blitzing the new place, your vacuum cleaner will have been hard at work! Give yours a good clean after the move to ensure it performs at its best. For bagged models, install a new vacuum bag. For bagless vacuums, remove and rinse out the dust cup and clean the hoses, attachments and filters.

Where should you clean first in a new house?

Moving house can be hectic, so it’s good to sort cleaning into priorities. The kitchen and bathrooms should be the top priority when cleaning a new house. These areas are some of the most high-traffic and dirt-prone areas, so they’ll require extra attention to ensure they’re fully sanitised before you settle in and start using them.

With this checklist, you can ensure that every inch of your new home is clean, sanitised and refreshed before you officially move in. Need any cleaning supplies to get the job done right? We've got you covered with the Hoover range of high-quality vacuum cleaners, including cordless, cylinder and upright models.