Top 5 tools for Deep Cleaning your Home in 2023

There’s nothing like that fresh feeling after giving your home a deep clean. While it can be a tiring endeavour to clean your entire home, the task is made far easier and more enjoyable when you have the best tools for the job!

Here are our top picks of essential house cleaning tools for getting that hassle-free deep-clean feeling in 2023.

What are the best house cleaning tools for 2023?

Modern vacuum cleaners come with a range of tools and features to make deep cleaning your home easier. Here are some of the essential features to look out for when shopping for your ideal vacuum:


1 - ANTI-TWIST Vacuum Floorhead

Hoover’s ANTI-TWIST technology actively prevents hair from wrapping round the brush bar as you clean. 

If you’ve owned an older vacuum cleaner without hair-wrap prevention, you’ll know how much of a tedious task it can be to maintain the brush bar. That’s why we developed ANTI-TWIST™, making it easier to maintain your vacuum - keeping you cleaning undisturbed for the lifetime of your Hoover.


2 - Pets & Upholstery Brush

Hoover’s Pets Edition models come with a built-in pets & upholstery brush, making it easy to tackle even the most stubborn pet hair on furniture and household surfaces.

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that our beloved companions can leave fur EVERYWHERE. 

However, furry fabric doesn’t just have to be a fact of pet ownership - vacuums like the HF9 Pets Edition leave your surfaces spotless, which also helps to deter allergies caused by pet hair!


3 - PUSH&LIFT Vacuum

In days gone by, many households would have a corded, cylinder, or upright vacuum for the larger jobs, and a less powerful handheld vacuum for the quick cleans.

With PUSH&LIFT, there’s no need to have multiple products! Your vacuum easily converts into a handheld device, allowing you to tackle out-of-reach places, or tighter environments like your car interior.

The HL5 PUSH&LIFT has all the power and perks of an upright, with the added versatility of a handheld - all without compromising on suction performance!


4 - HEPA Filter for Allergy Protection

If you suffer from allergies, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep common allergens out of your home, and even inside the vacuum cleaner!

Our HEPA-fitted vacuums contain a H13 filter fitted as standard, helping to trap and retain particles like pollen and dust.

This helps you to achieve a deeper, long-lasting clean - without worrying about allergens escaping from the vacuum bin.

Discover our full range of HEPA vacuum cleaners here.


5 - A Vacuum with *No Loss of Suction

No loss of suction vacuum cleaner

Tired of your vacuum losing suction during use? 

It often seems counter-productive to have to maintain your vacuum during use to prevent a drop in suction power.

Using a vacuum with *no loss of suction not only makes cleaning hassle-free - it also ensures you get a deeper clean from everyday use.

The HL5 PUSH&LIFT boasts uncompromising power, allowing you to clean for longer without the need for on-the-job maintenance. You’ll experience no loss of power throughout the clean, with the ability to adjust the level of suction at the flip of a switch!

*Based on tests measured according to EN 60312-1 clauses 5.7 and 5.9.