What is the quietest Hoover?

Vacuum cleaners can be noisy - they’re probably the most recognised sound in homes today.

However, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be an irritating auditory experience. Hoovers will always make a sound, but purchasing the right product can drastically reduce the noise level.

Here we run through the features and benefits of our quietest Hoover - the H-ENERGY 500 Pet Vacuum!

Why are Hoovers so noisy?

The noise vacuum cleaners make is the result of the airflow required to provide high-performance suction. 

This sound comes from a number of places, including the motor, fan, and the airflow/vortex within the canister.

Many people believe that higher noise is necessary for better performance - but that isn't necessarily true. While higher performance may correlate with a higher noise level from your Hoover, the way the vacuum is designed can drastically reduce this...

What is the quietest Hoover?

Our quietest Hoover is the H-ENERGY 500 Pet Vacuum cleaner, with only 69dBA of noise generated while cleaning your home.

The unique design means a quieter cleaning experience - without compromising on suction power!


The H-ENERGY 500 comes with adjustable power, a hygienic bag storage system, and a pet & upholstery turbo brush for tackling stubborn pet hair and fur around your home.



H-ENERGY 500 PETS has been engineered to achieve great cleaning results on all surfaces with a low noise level: only 69 dBA.

H-ENERGY 500 Pet Suction - Our Quietest Vacuum Cleaner


You can quickly and easily access the crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture nozzle, as they are stored onboard the vacuum. Save space, save time and never lose your tools in a cupboard again.

H-ENERGY 500 Pets: Tools on board. Our quietest Hoover.


H-ENERGY 500 Mini Pets Turbo Brush - Our quietest Hoover Vacuum

Helps remove stubborn pet hairs from cushions, sofas and carpets. The rotating bristles penetrate deeply into the fabric to loosen the fur and vacuum it into the dust collection chamber.

Discover a quieter vacuum cleaner without compromising on performance - Shop the H-ENERGY 500.