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Free Delivery on All Orders + Free Returns

Black Friday Hoover Deals

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November is upon us which means another set of fantastic Black Friday Hoover deals on vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. To celebrate, we are offering money off bundles for a limited time only, so grab a new vacuum cleaner or steam mop while you can!

All deals have free next day delivery.

Hoover Direct Black Friday 2021 - How does it work?

Black Friday originated in the US and was seen as THE day outside of Christmas to grab a bargain - many shops offered discounted prices to celebrate. Over time, this became more and more popular internationally and now in the UK it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Previously, Boxing Day was the most popular shopping day of the year but in November 2017 that trend changed for the first time and the UK have never looked back since.

This year, we'll be offering discounts on a wide variety of bundles and products - this could be a good chance to get the best deals on a range of vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners for yourself, a friend or a family. So, grab one while stocks last and save up to £144!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals information

Our black Friday deals are available for a special price on a limited time only, subject to stock. 

All of our offers come with free next day delivery when ordered before 2pm. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday will be dispatched on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

The bundle deals are fantastic for anyone wanting both but equally a great way to get a bargain and gift one of the items to a friend or family.

Black Friday Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Deals

On offer this year are a range of in stock upright vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners and our H-Handy handheld vacuum models.

Steam Cleaner Bundle

The steam cleaner bundle features the H-Free 700 cordless vacuum cleaner and the steam capsule bundle for a complete clean of carpets and hard floors in the home. The H-Free 700 has a battery run time of 35 mins, hygienic emptying and converts quickly into a handheld. The steam cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria, 50 minutes of run time and can make your hard floors shine. 

Sensor Pets Handheld Bundle

This sensor handheld pets bundle, as part of our black Friday vacuum cleaner sale, includes the H-Upright 500 Sensor pets with its advanced floor sensor technology which adjusts the suction power and brush bar speed automatically and a pets brush to pick up animal hair. Alongside this bagless upright is the H-Handy 700 pets model to take care of the smaller cleaning jobs around the home.

A great bundle for those looking for modern technology to cater for different floor types in the home and a solution for pet hairs in the home. Either one of the products can be an ideal gift to someone if you only need one.

Pets Handheld Bundle

Our value bundle includes our H-Upright 500 pets model with its multi-cyclonic technology to to separate the dust and keep the filter cleaner for longer and a motorised pets brush to clean up pet hair. Alongside this upright vacuum cleaner is the H-Handy 700 pets which is useful for smaller jobs around the home and your car - this also comes with a pets brush.

This bundle is excellent value for money for people with larger homes and pets, the Handheld can also be a great gift for someone else.

Pets Steam Bundle

If you have pets in the home and hard floors then the pets steam bundle could be the one for you. The H-Free 300 pets cordless vacuum comes with a motorised turbo brush which picks up pet hairs effortlessly. It's ultra agile and great for smaller homes and flats. Alongside the H-Free 300 pets is the Steam Capsule 2in1 steam mop which not only kills 99.9% of bacteria but also leaves the floor sparkling.

Sensor Handheld bundle

The Sensor bundle includes the H-Upright 500 sensor model and a H-Handy 700 express. This bundle is great for homes with multiple floor types and the H-Handy is effective at the smaller jobs as well as cars and small spaces. A perfect addition to any home.

Handheld Bundle

The value bundle is an excellent black Friday deal which has the essentials to keep a home clean. The value bundle includes a H-Upright 500 reach which is a fantastic corded all rounder with a 15m long hose, large capacity bin, multi-cyclonic technology and a HEPA filter for allergy care. Alongside the upright is our H-Handy 700 express which is ideal for smaller clusters of dirt and dust.

The value bundle could be perfect for those moving in to their own living space on a budget. 

Steam Bundle

The core steam bundle includes the modern H-Free 300 cordless stick vacuum and the steam capsule mop. The H-Free 300 has a brushless motor for consistent power, dual LED lights and is ultra agile around the home. The steam capsule helps get dirt and grime off of hard floors leaving your home spotless and killing 99.9% of bacteria while doing it.