NEW IN! Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

4-in-1 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner offers powerful suction, UV-C light, and a motorized roller to deeply clean mattresses, sofas, and cushions, removing dust, pet hair, bacteria, and allergens while preventing mould with its drying feature.

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  • Powerful Suction

    4 in 1 : Vacuum

    Powerful suction removes dust and dust mites from fabrics; perfect for pet hair removal. HMC5 is not just for mattresses - you can also use the powerful suction on cushions and sofas to remove dust and pet hairs. The dual bin separates heavy dust and hair from fine dust providing longer vacuuming time and strong suction.

    The Smart dust sensor detects the density of dust to let you know when the fabric is clean. The sensor LED turns red when dust is detected and further vacuuming is required or green when the area is clean.

  • Deep Cleaning

    Beat & Roll

    The motorised agitator is suitable for delicate surfaces and penetrates into your fabrics. Also suitable for cleaning sofas, cushions and children's mattresses. The motorised roller revolves 4200 times per minute, beating the mattress with bristles made of soft nylon fibre and soft rubber, suitable for deep cleaning delicate surfaces without damaging them.

  • Reduce Bacteria

    UV-C Light & Drying

    Designed to help reduce bacteria, allergens and dust mites. In-built sensors ensure the UV light is only activated when in direct contact with the surface and automatically turns off when lifted from the surface.

    Drying 50° hot air helps to dry the mattress and prevents the spread of mould spores.

  • Compact design

    Lightweight & Versatile

    Weighing just 2.2kg, and is designed to be comfortable to hold and use, as well as compact enough to store in a small space such as a drawer. The 5 metre power cord is long enough for you to reach the whole surface area of a king-sized mattress.

  • Our easy how to guide

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