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Selected Vacuums

The code MSEHL4 will only work on the selected vacuums below.

Please note only the 'Pet Edition' will include the pet tool.

  • Consistent Powerful Cleaning All Around Your Home

    ANTI-TWIST™ brushbar

    Deep clean carpets and hard floors using the combination floorhead with ANTI-TWIST™ brushbar. No loss of suction* ensures consistent great performance even when the dustbin is nearly full up to the maximum level.

  • Lightweight and Manoeuvrable

    Weighing just 5kg

    The HL4 makes it easy for you to clean your entire home. Steer effortlessly around furniture with the swiveling floorhead and remove heavy lifting by converting to portable mode with PUSH&LIFT™.

  • Outstanding Design

    Portable Versatility

    Step on the foot pedal to lift the Upright vacuum cleaner into a versatile & portable vacuum for all your above floor cleaning needs, such as stairs, sofas & cleaning the car.

  • HL4 Boasts a Wide Range Of Features

    Suitable for all floors

    All of which make this model exceptional value for money. Simply switch from hard floors to carpets with fingertip controls, and move seamlessly to other surfaces with the single press of a button.

  • Pets Brush

    Ideal For Pet Owners

    Our mini turbo brush helps remove stubborn pet hairs from cushions, sofas and carpets. The rotating bristles penetrate deeply into the fabric to loosen the fur and vacuum it into the dust collection chamber. Only available when 'Pet Edition' is selected.