Up to 5 Year Warranty - Terms & Conditions (Old)

                                                Up to 5 Year warranty Terms and Conditions


Hoover Warranty

The information below give details of our warranty conditions that are covered. They do not affect your statutory rights or any agreement made between the seller / retailer and you.

With all our product’s we have made great efforts to supply our customers with a product that meets all your expectations and needs, all we ask is that during the life of your cleaner and to keep it running at its best, you regularly maintain your cleaner. If you require any additional information or assistance, please contact our help centre or visit us on go.he.services/5yrs-we.



Hoover Limited UK, Company Number 02521528,

302 Bridgewater Place, Birchwood Park

Warrington WA3 6XG, United Kingdom



List of eligible models, Hoover branded vacuum cleaners (hereinafter, “Product” or collectively “Products”):


All models of HF9 range cordless handsticks:

HF910H 001

HF910P 001

HF920H 001

HF920P 001

All models of HL5 range upright vacuum cleaners:

HL500HM 001

HL500PT 001



United Kingdom (hereinafter, “Territory”).


How to register

The Warranty is in addition to and does not affect any of your statutory rights. It does not limit the legal warranty provided by the seller and the manufacturer warranty, if any.

Your Hoover Floorcare appliance automatically comes with a legal warranty. To extend your warranty, you must register your product on the hOn app or on the Hoover warranty website within 30 days of purchase.

Failure to register your product will only entitle you to have the legal warranty.

Proof of purchase is required to activate your Warranty. Please keep your proof of purchase at all times. When you need to use your extended warranty, we will need your proof of purchase to verify the information you have supplied to us is correct and that you registered within 30 days of purchase. The inability to produce a valid proof of purchase may invalidate your warranty.

The appliance must have been supplied by a retailer and maintained and used in accordance with Hoover instructions.


Activating your Warranty, Repair or Replacement

Prior to contacting Hoover with respect to the warranty or should you require a repair, you should  firstly follow the operating instructions and the information in the Troubleshooting section of the  instruction manual.

You should contact us directly using the information provided on our website or in the information provided with your purchase.

You should be able to provide us with all details, including serial number relating to your product and your proof of purchase.

Our contact centre agents will discuss all issues raised by you and will determine, solely at our discretion, if the problem can be fixed through a troubleshooting session with you or we need to send you a replacement product or replacement component part to resolve the issue.

If we require you to return the unit or the component parts, we will send you a free of charge label so you can post the item back to us or pass on to a collection shop, where appropriate. The product or component part does not need to be in the original packaging but must be securely boxed to protect from any additional damage.

Please note that if we determine that the during our troubleshooting session that the product has been damaged or fall into one of our exclusions then it will not be covered by the warranty.



For battery-operated vacuum cleaner, the battery is only covered for a maximum of 2 years and it must be recharged using the genuine Hoover charger provided.

The Warranty does not cover accidental damage, loss or damage arising from the breakdown of the product.

The Warranty is excluded or is invalidated:

  1. in case of any faults which occur due to misuse or modification of the machine;
  2. In case of repair of, or interference with, the machine by any person not authorised by the manufacturer;
  3. in case any parts which are fitted to the machine are not original manufacturer’s parts.
  4. in case of non-domestic use of the machine;
  5. in case of operation at incorrect voltage;
  6. in case of usage the Products for any purpose other than those described in the instruction manual and Instruction for safe use and fittings;
  7. If the product has been modified in any way or has any information like the rating label removed or defaced;
  8. If replacement(s) have been provided without any proven manufacturing fault;
  9. for consumables parts such as filters, filter kit, main nozzle agitator, mini turbo agitator subject to normal use and everyday wear and tear;
  10. for all tools and accessories, depending on your model, such as crevice tool, 2in1 dusting brush, mini turbo nozzle after the legal Warranty period;
  11. for cosmetic issues that does not affect the product functions;
  12. in case the Function or failure of the product has been caused due to lack of correct maintenance e.g failure to clear blockages and/or clean filters

The Warranty is valid only for Product purchased and utilised within the Territory. 

22/09/2022 - V1.0