Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Say goodbye to pesky allergens and fine dust with a bagged vacuum cleaner. Arguably one of the most hygienic models for cleaning your house, bagged vacuum cleaners feature a large capacity bag to completely trap debris so you can dispose of waste quickly and without any mess.

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a bag for a thorough and efficient clean

Cleaning your home is more efficient than ever with a bagged vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the large capacity bags that carry up to 5L of waste, you won’t need to repeatedly stop and start when tackling the entire house – meaning a more efficient, stress-free clean. Despite their power, Hoover’s vacuum cleaners with a bag are still designed to be compact, helping you get to those hard-to-reach places much quicker than you’d expect. Our bagged vacuum cleaners also contain active carbons that reduce odours in your home, going that extra step to give your home that extra-clean feeling.

Complete with easily removable Hoover Pure EPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags, our bagged vacuum cleaners are designed to be as hygienic as possible. The convenient ‘one-touch’ disposal system located on the handle means that you’ll never need to come into contact with the dust and debris you’ve picked up once it’s full. Our HEPA bags also trap fine dust particles and pesky allergens to neutralise the environment, which makes them ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. We also offer Hoover replacement cylinder bags in packs of 12, so you’ll not have to worry about stocking up for a long time.