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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Hoover range of cordless vacuum cleaners combines power and flexibility, for a convenient, easy-to-use clean. Explore our wireless Hoovers, equipped with exceptional features like ANTI-TWIST™ and dusting tools, and reach every corner of your home with ease.
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Explore wireless Hoovers for consistent cleaning with manoeuvrability

Hoover cordless vacuum cleaners are a must for homeowners looking for convenience and flexibility in their cleaning routines. With powerful cleaning and even more manoeuvrability, our cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to access difficult-to-reach spots of the home, tackling dust and debris with ease. Hoover cordless vacuums are lightweight and compact, making them easy to use and store – perfect for those with limited storage space. These versatile vacuums are great for cleaning the home, tidying above-floor areas, cleaning cars or reaching underneath furniture with ease.

Here, you can explore a range of different cordless vacuum cleaner designs with various features and attachments depending on your needs. You can choose lightweight wireless Hoovers with flexible tubes, making it quick and easy to clean underneath low furniture without bending. Do you struggle with a lot of hair getting tangled in your Hoover? With cordless vacuums with ANTI-TWIST™, hair is automatically removed from the brushbar. Do you have pets? A cordless pet Hoover is an excellent choice, coming with a motorised mini turbo pet brush to lift out any stubborn pet hair. Most of our cordless vacuum cleaners allow up to 30-45 minutes of cleaning time, perfect for tidying up the whole house. We even have an ultra-lightweight handheld vacuum with crevice tools, ideal for quicker tidying, cleaning up crumbs from the sofa or tackling kitchen accidents. Browse the full collection of cordless vacuum cleaners at Hoover to find a convenient, powerful vacuum that makes cleaning a breeze.

Cordless Vacuum FAQs

Which cordless vacuum is best?

The best cordless vacuum for you depends on your home, needs, space, and budget. At Hoover, we have a range of cordless vacuum options to suit different preferences. If you have pets, the best cordless option is one of our pet edition models. These powerful cordless Hoovers are designed to pick up even the most stubborn pet hair, with lightweight designs that make them ideal for everyday use. If you’re struggling with vacuuming up a lot of hair, a cordless vacuum with ANTI-TWIST™ technology is best suited to you.
Or, if you’re looking for the most powerful cordless vacuum, you can opt for a Hoover model with Turbo Boost, promising extra-powerful suction.

How to charge a Hoover cordless vacuum

Cordless vacuums come with a wall mount, so they can be hung from the wall, plugged in, and charged when not in use. Many Hoover cordless vacuums also have the option to remove the battery pack and charge it separately, meaning you can use whichever power socket is most convenient for you.

How to clean a Hoover cordless vacuum

To keep your cordless vacuum clean and in good condition, you should clean it regularly. Try to empty the bin after each use, clean the brush every one to three uses, and regularly check/clean the filter to ensure it doesn’t become clogged. If you’re noticing a bad smell from your vacuum, check out our full blog on getting rid of vacuum smells.