Handheld Hoovers for Cars

Designed to give your vehicle that ‘new car’ feeling, our collection of handheld hoovers for cars can get into even the tightest spots. Although versatile and portable, you can expect the HF9 model to clean just as deeply as a regular vacuum cleaner.

Check out our range of handheld vacuums for a car

Most drivers have found that their car interiors get embedded with dirt and grime a lot quicker than you’d expect. However, a regular vacuum cleaner wouldn’t get into all the small spaces between your seats and on the floor. This is where you need a specific vacuum for a car from Hoover. Despite being much more compact, our handheld Hoovers for cars are just as powerful as our regular cordless vacuum cleaners. All the vacuums for a car in our collection are part of the HF9 range, which offers up to 60 minutes of battery life with a double battery – giving you plenty of time to get your car looking perfect.

If your pet often comes on car journeys with you, you’ll know all too well how stubborn the hair can be when it gets lodged into the upholstery. With our ANTI-TWIST technology, you’ll be able to completely remove all the hair without any hassle whatsoever. These portable, handheld models also make it easy to take your vacuum with you on the go, giving you peace of mind for any accidents when you’re out and about. All our vacuums for a car come with an exclusive 5-year warranty to guarantee you’ll be happy with your new Hoover.