Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner (Single Battery) - H-Free 100

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1-Year Warranty

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  • Convenience - 25-minute runtime at full charge with no cables to get in the way.
  • Functionality - comes with dusting brush and mini crevice tool stored on board.
  • Capacity - large 0.9l bin.
  • Ease of use - lightweight with no complicated settings to adjust.
  • Versatility - suitable for use on both carpets and hard floors.
What's in the box

What's in the box

  • Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner (Single Battery) - H-Free 100
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • UK Charging Plug
  • 2-in-1 Dusting/ Crevice Tool
  • User Manual
  • Motorised Mini Turbo Pets Brush


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H-FREE 100 Pet offers versatile cord-free cleaning, with no complicated settings to adjust. Turn on the continuous mode for up to 25 minutes of power, with no need to hold your fingers on the trigger the whole time.


H-FREE 100 Pet is bagless with an impressive 0.9L capacity, meaning you won't need to interrupt your cleaning to empty it too often.


The floor nozzle has integrated LED lights to illuminate dark corners or underneath furniture, so that no speck of dust gets missed


H-FREE 100 has a handy dusting brush and crevice tool stored onboard, ready to be used at any moment for cleaning your skirting boards or ornaments.

Frequently asked

Does this vacuum cleaner come with a warranty?

This vacuum cleaner comes with a 1 year warranty.

How can I store my H-FREE 100 Pet?

H-FREE 100 Pet comes with an optional wall mount that can be attached to the wall for storing the appliance.

What different models are available in the H-FREE 100 Pet?

H-FREE 100 Pet cordless vacuum cleaner range has 2 models:

  • This model.
  • H-FREE 100 Cordless Pets Vacuum. The pets model with 1 battery pack and an additional motorised mini turbo brush for cleaning up pet hair.
Does this vacuum cleaner work on hard floors and carpets?

Yes, the H-FREE 100 Pet has an on/off rotating brush bar.

Switch the brush bar on by pressing the CARPET button to agitate the carpet fibres to loosen dirt and debris.

Switch it off to glide smoothly across hard floors & ensure you leave delicate surfaces scratch free.

How heavy is this vacuum cleaner?

The H-FREE 100 Pet weighs just 2.5kg, making it extremely lightweight.

How do you empty the dust container?
  1. Press the main body release button and remove the tube.
  2. Press the dust cup empty button to release the bin flap and empty the contents.
  3. Close the dust cup flap, you will hear a click when fully locked.

Please Note: It is recommended to empty the dust cup after each use or when dust is up to the max fill line.